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Holy War of the Worlds Reviews

Published June 29, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount
War of the Worlds Is Tim Robbins ready to knock War of the Worlds out of the park?
We have been trying to keep track of early reviews for War of the Worlds and had promised that our last article would be the last of the reviews. However, now all movie critics can speak out about the film, which has caused some reviews to be a little more mixed, unlike the extremely positive early reviews.

War of the Worlds Movie Reviews

Instead of listing a few independent sites like I normally do, I will just point you over to RottenTomatoes, who is now allowed to index some of the top reviews from some of the worlds best movie critics. There you can get an overall consensus to War of the Worlds and even read some reviews that did not like the film. Here are a couple of the War of the Worlds review abstracts below:

"It makes Independence Day look like The Muppet Movie." [positive review]
"Tom Cruise gives one of his most intense performances, and the visual effects have enough high-tech power to make an army of interstellar invaders cringe." [positive]
"War of the Worlds is a terrific film for the first 100 or so minutes. Unfortunately the movie’s 117 minutes long and those last 17 minutes are just plain horrible." [positive]

"Worlds makes for one of the strangest and bleakest productions ever to market itself as summertime movie entertainment." [negative]
"This anti-'Close Encounters' is a spectacular technical exercise, but in the final analysis it's as loud and soullless a piece of equipment as the aliens' Tripod Death Stars." [negative]

King of an interesting mix of reviews, but the film will still be 'Certified Fresh' by rottentomatoes standards.

Check out our own War of the Worlds review by tonight.

For the trailers, movie clips, movie stills, concept art, and synopsis, go to the War of the Worlds Movie Page

Stay tuned for updates.

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