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More Early War of the Worlds Reviews

Published June 25, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount
War of the Worlds War of the Worlds
Happy Weekend everyone, hope all is enjoying the great weather we have been having. However, if you are inside, which you probably are to be reading this, I have located two new early reviews for War of the Worlds that both also gush all over the film. Will War of the Worlds be the film of the summer?

War of the Worlds Reviews

I first understood that no websites or other media publications could post movie reviews for War of the Worlds until it premiered in the US. However, the latest update on this review embargo is that it only goes towards critics / moviegoers who signed some type of contract saying they wouldn't write anything till a specified date. Well, no matter what the agreement was, posts are still going up for War of the Worlds reviews.

AICN, who have been the HQ of early reviews, have recently received one more review for War of the Worlds and has gone ahead and posted one of their own. Did they like it? Check out the snippets below:

Submitted Review
One of the toughest jobs any film has this summer (or year) is not to be upstaged by gigantic mastermind Jackson’s King Kong trailer if it plays in front of it (those 2 minutes were, in two words, pure bliss!). WAR pulls this off and then some! It is absolutely exhilarating to watch such brilliant work from people who are completely free, at the top of their game, having no need to prove antyhing to anybody.

Quint's Review
In short, Spielberg knocked it out of the park.

I'm so glad he kept the key imagery out of the marketing. It was so nice to see a big summer event film on the big screen and not feel like I'm just waiting for the bits in-between the sequences from the trailer and other marketing.

To read either review for War of the Worlds, click on the orange links above.

For the trailers, more early reviews, movie clips, movie stills, and synopsis, go to the War of the Worlds Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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