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Whedon Talks Wonder Woman

Published June 24, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Unknown
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman talk
USA Today created an article about tough chicks and the upcoming movies that feature these types of roles. The films included were Fantastic Four [Alba], Domino [Knightley], Aeon Flux [Theron], and finally Whedon's latest project announcement-- Wonder Woman [nobody picked yet].

Wonder Woman Talk

I am impressed with the amount of draw that has been created to this once - thought - deceased franchise after Whedon announced he would go forward with a Wonder Woman movie. Every time Joss Whedon steps up to speak, people want to hear any developments on the film [after Serenity of course], with the first question always being 'who will play Wonder Woman?'.

USA Today, in their article about films that carry tough chicks, has Whedon speaking a little more on Wonder Woman and his current plan of action for this unique project. First off, Whedon is the type of guy who will make sure to throw every ounce of love into his project, especially for a film such as Wonder Woman, so don't expect him to be rushing for production.

Here is a snippet of Whedon on Wonder Woman [in the best sense]:

"I said yes, because in the process of trying to say no, I thought about her character and fell in love with her," says Whedon, who will direct and is currently writing the adventure based on the lone female equal to Batman and Superman in the DC Comics universe. "She is a warrior in a world of complicity and compromise who will never lay down her sword."

But not to worry, Whedon says. There is no rush

"As Joel said, she's been around for 60 years," he says. "She's not going anywhere. It's always a good time for Wonder Woman."

Sure that may be a bummer to some who want to see Wonder Woman in action by 2006, but, as we learned from Christopher Nolan with Batman Begins, any comic adaptation worth doing is worth doing right. Read the whole report at USA TODAY.

Wonder Woman Movie Page coming soon.

Stay tuned for updates.
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Ryan Parsons
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