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Cruise Handles Prank Like a Champ

Published June 22, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of WireImage
Tom Cruise Tom Cruise and BFF Katie Holmes
Yesterday I posted that Tom Cruise got blasted in the face with a stream of water from a trick mic [that played a double-role as a squirt gun]. In the article, that you can read HERE, I pointed out that now may not be the time to play tricks on Tom, considering the fact he has been under tons of media fire about his latest relationship with Katie Holmes and his upcoming film War of the Worlds.

After posting this article I received tons of emails from people who are responding in defense of Tom Cruise; as if I attacked the guy. Before I begin the latest follow-up to this trick - on - Cruise - gone - wrong, I want to point out that our last article was in no way to attack Mr Cruise or make fun of him. Instead, I can feel where the guy was coming from. And, instead of throwing a punch [or a phone], Tom Cruise called the reporter and his crew 'jerks' repeatedly and left the scene to enjoy the rest of the War of the Worlds premiere. The reporter, and his crew, who squirted Tom Cruise were immediately arrested and released on bail. So what now?

Cruise Says No Lawsuit

Obviously, the best way to handle this prank with respect is to just let it go. It seems that Tom Cruise wants to get this minor event behind him and has opted not to press any charges for the intended joke. The news station responsible for the crew have already posted an apology that stated the joke played on Cruise had no ill intent and was for humor purposes only. I guess they hoped Cruise to be part of the joke rather than the butt of it.

On a final note, Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actors no matter how many couches he jumps on. I am currently working to finish our newest section titled 'Fan Pages' which will feature pages for our favorite actors and actresses; Tom Cruise was the third name inserted into this database. I have nothing but respect for Tom and his actions towards the joke. The reporter was a jerk, but not jerk enough to result in any substantial aftermath.

Thanks to the readers who wrote in over the whole Tom - got - squirted incident.

For the trailers, clips, more movie stills, and synopsis, go to the War of the Worlds Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
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