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Avi Arad Talks Marvel Films

Published June 21, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image found at Amazon
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With tons of comic book adaptations in the works, it is nice to hear from the CEO of one of the biggest names in the industry-- Avi Arad. What does he have to say about Ghost Rider, X-Men 3, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man 3?

Marvel Films

In an interview with MTV, Avi Arad not only discusses all of the listed comic book adaptations currently heading our way, but he also throws a couple hints about some of the films as well. One thing I do love about this guy is that he does seem to love the material, which makes me wonder if he has any significant say on getting X-Men 3 back on track. Here is a couple snippets from the interview below:

About Ghost Rider:

"I remember seeing 'The Perfect Storm,' how the whole wave was CGI. You're going to see something [similar] in 'Ghost Rider.' " While he reveals that Ghost Rider will, at some point, be entirely submerged, Arad vows that the infamous grinning skull will continue to flame on. "Nothing can extinguish it," he smiles. "It's hellfire."

About Stan Lee's cameos in Marvel films:
"He'll be the mailman," Arad continues. "It's interesting, because he looks the way it was drawn. Stan is a character ... initially he was supposed to say, 'Good morning, Mr. Richards,' and then he kept adding more words."

After "Fantastic Four," Lee will likely make his next cameo in "X-Men 3," which recently landed "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner along with a release date of May 2006.

To check out the entire report with Avi Arad, and to hear his first thoughts on a Captain America movie, head over to MTV.

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