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Spider-Man 3 Villain Talk

Published June 20, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Marvel
Venom Venom still has a chance
Friends and readers have been constantly telling me that I should take a look at EW Weekly's 'special double issue' [#826/827] that has just hit the newsstands. Luckily enough, I have gotten my hands on the issue today and am beginning to look for the suggested pages. To begin, Thomas Hayden Church was selected to be ranked number twenty-five on the EW must list considering the fact that he was a hit in Sideways and is now lined up to play a villain in Spider-Man 3.

Church Talks Spider-Man Villain

A while back every news media source swore that the next villain was going to be Sandman; we were all supposedly sure of it. Then, out of the blue, came news that the villain(s) were yet to be decided upon. With this announcement two things occurred-- first, a sigh of relief for those hoping for Venom [myself included], second, people guessing every direction on which villain it could possibly be.

Thanks to EW, they allow Thomas Haden Church to pour gas on the villain-guessing-fire when they ask him who the 'top-secret' villain was to be in Spider-Man 3. Either as a joke or a way to drop a hint, Church responds by stating that "He's a horse of many colors."

But what the heck could that mean? So, EW presses the issue a little harder by asking why horses would be in Spider-Man 3. Church adds a little more depth to his villain-hint by stating, "Let's just say he's an amorphous collection of protons, electron, and neutrons, of different colors."

Thanks for the hint! However, there is one problem-- all the villain options could some how match this profile. So, take it as you may for now. If you do think you know who he is talking about [with proof or a theory], feel free to contact us.

For more production info, go to the Spider-Man 3 Movie Page

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Ryan Parsons
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