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Shoot 'Em Up Script Review

Published June 20, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image from LatinoReview
Shoot Em Up Shoot Em Up
A few days ago we wrote how Clive Owen has been picked up for the project Shoot 'Em Up and that the film should be even more violent then Sin City and Kill Bill combined [read here]. After a ton more hype kept flooding our way, we have just received an email stating that LatinoReview already has a script review for the film. Hooray!

Shoot 'Em Up Script Review

Judging by the snippets shown over at LatinoReview, Shoot 'Em Up looks like it will rock. Clive Owen was made for this kind of bad ass role, making me think all the way back to the BMW film days where he starred as the mysterious hero who can man-handle his ride.

If you have yet to hear about Shoot 'Em Up, here is an idea on how the film is going to be:

SHOOT 'EM UP starts literally in the middle of a gun battle where the hero, Mr. Smith, is delivering a baby in the middle of a gunfight. The mom dies but the infant lives. He thinks the assassins were after the mother, but he soon discovers the baby is the target. Mr. Smith must uncover the reason why this newborn is the target to save the kid's life and his own. Mr. Smith is the angriest man in the world and is the worst person in the world to take care of the kid. He is near homeless. He takes the baby to a prostitute that services men with a lactation/mommy fetish. He calls her DQ, short for Dairy Queen. She’s the perfect heroine to help him.

The three form a makeshift family while on the run ands under fire. Every possible cool thing you can do with a shoot out is explore in this relentless- RUN-LOLA-RUN with a gun-like story. It also has a strong anti-establishment angle that I like. It combines influences of the Hollywood action film and American Indie films, along with a big dose of world cinema, mainly the Hong Kong action films.

I loved Run-Lola-Run and, if any of that type of element is applied to this already impressive looking idea, then we could really have something here.

To check out the script review for Shoot 'Em Up, head over to LatinoReview.

Shoot 'Em Up Movie Page coming soon

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from LatinoReview

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