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Christian Bale on Batman Begins

Published June 13, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
Christian Bale Christian Bale
For all of the Batman Begins fans out there, and there should be a bunch, Christian Bale did a little sit-down and discussed his roles in not only Batman Begins and The New World.

Batman Begins Interview

SHH was able to catch up to Christian Bale and get him to say a few words about going skinny, then becoming overweight, and then becoming in-shape again. Bale also mentions a few words about the upcoming epic The New World, and what it takes for him to prepare for a role. Here is a snippet from that interview:

Q: What weight are you right now?

Christian Bale: I've got no idea. I'm going to be doing a Werner Herzog movie and I kind of have to lose a bit of weight for that. Just a little but, so I'm just starting to diet now. I'm usually about 185.

Q: Speaking of weight, you said when you lost a lot of weight for The Machinist you were very serene and calm. Once you started eating food you got a little more antagonistic. How was your mood on this film when you started bulking up?

Bale: You do get a lot of nervous energy. I think putting weight on, unfortunately I had to put it on pretty fast, and it's not very healthy doing that. That was when I felt bad. I did actually start to feel I was putting my body under too much pressure because I put on 100 pounds in five months. You get big mood swings, but not such a bad thing when you're playing this darker version of Batman.

Bale goes on to talk about other projects [past and present], and the possibility of a Batman vs Superman movie. You can read the whole interview over at SuperHeroHype

For the trailers, clips, movie stills, posters, and synopsis, go to the Batman Begins Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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