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So Much X-Men 3 Talk

Published June 8, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image from IESB, property Unknown
X-Men: Beast Video interviews for X-Men 3
Now that X-Men 3 has finally gotten back on the tracks [slight derailment from the loss of Vaughn], it is fitting to hear some of the big dogs talk about the film and the current rumors flying around.

Simon Kinberg on X-men 3

Simon Kinberg is the man who wrote the latest script for X-Men 3; a script that Brett Ratner supposedly loves. In an interview with IESB, Kinberg attacks a couple of the rumors going around. The big question was the magnitude of the Dark Phoenix in X-Men 3. While Kinberg does admit that the Dark Phoenix is a substantial segment to the film, there is also a secondary plot that should satisfy fans of the previous films.

IESB also asks about the rumors stating that we could expect not only death for some of our favorite mutants, but also sex scenes [yippee!]. Simon Kinberg says that those rumors could have been true, if they were using an older version of the X-Men 3 script. So don't expect to see Mystique do mad shape shifting during orgasm.

Check out the interview between IESB and Simon Kinberg by CLICKING HERE

Tom Rothman on X-men 3

Just in case you don't know who the heck Tom Rothman is, he is the chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment. During his interview with IESB, Rothman confirms that Dark Phoenix is still a big part of X3, and that Ratner was doing little to change the script at hand. Besides this, Rothman shows full faith in X-Men 3 and says that the production will still be finished on time for the planned release date [May 5, 2006].

Tom Rothman also throws in the fact that Fox plans to move forward with an adaptation of the comic book Silver Surfer.

Watch the video interview between Tom Rothman and IESB by CLICKING HERE

For more movie info and updates, go to the X-Men 3 Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from IESB, property Unknown

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