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Halo Script Available for Purchase

Published June 7, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Microsoft/Bungie
Halo Master Chief in live-action?
We all know that Microsoft and Bungie have already raked in tons of cash due to the success of the X-Box flagship games Halo and Halo 2. But these people want more! They first paid Alex Garland a nice sum of one-million dollars to have a screenplay written up for a film adaptation for Halo, and it seems that Garland performed nicely. But what kind of return does Microsoft/Bungie want on this one million dollar gamble?

$10 Mil Price-Tag for Halo Script

According to Variety, Microsoft has been sending messengers dressed in the same garb as the Master Chief from Halo to work out negotiations with various film studios on the purchase of the newly finished Halo movie script. As previously mentioned, it cost Microsoft one-million to have the script developed; so what the heck do they now want for it? Well, being the master of investments, Microsoft demands are nothing short of extraordinary.

Here are some of the demands that were laid down by Microsoft for the Halo script that I like. First, Microsoft will have some type of hands on with the film, to ensure that the film remains close to the look and storyline delivered in the X-Box game. Second, and most importantly, Microsoft plans to have the actual game developers create a 'Halo Bible' that the selected studio must follow. This will allow the studio to have some room for changes in the Halo story, but the main concepts set in the Halo universe must remain; concepts that will all be laid out in this so-called 'bible.' Actually, I really like the idea of a 'Halo Bible,' as it will ensure that Halo gamers and fans, representing a huge market, will be able to relax knowing the universe they have grown accustomed to will not change. How many times have you watched an adaptation of your favorite book and have been utterly disappointed? Sphere and Timeline come right to mind, but that's me.

Now, here are some of the demands that may cause all studios to pass on the purchase of the Halo script. First, the initial price tag for the script is a whopping ten-million dollars [great investment by Microsoft!]; a script that few have even been able to read yet. But it doesn't stop there; Microsoft and Bungie want this cash cow to MOO! Besides the ten-million dollar price tag, Microsoft demands 15% of the gross profits on the Halo movie if it were to be made. Whoa! So, does the studio who actually works their butt off to make this picture get anything?

And, to top it off with what some may consider good news, Microsoft wants principle production for a Halo film to begin in January of 2006. That means the search must begin for a cast shortly and we would be hearing cast announcements as early as August.

However, no matter how crazy the tag is for the Halo script, it is most likely good news to the tons of Halo gamers, myself included, that would love to see Master Chief kick alien-ass in live-action.

My early predictions for Halo: if negotiated correctly, 20th Century Fox will pick it up and set Ridley Scott or James Cameron to direct. Well, that would be a GREAT start.

Stay tuned for more developments as they happen.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Microsoft/Bungie

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