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Indiana Jones IV Working Title?

Published June 4, 2005 in Movie Rumors
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount
Indiana Jones 'Careful... CAREFUl!'
First we had Madsen spill some film details on Inglorious Bastards, then we had Bloom spill on Dead Man's Chest, and now we have a Harrison Ford after a couple of drinks? As of now, take this latest update as a grain of salt, but it is possible that Harrison Ford let slip the working title for Indiana Jones 4!

Opal of the Mer-man Prince

That's it, that's the freakin title? What the heck is that? I first thought that was the possible title of the seventh Harry Potter book; tells you how wrong I was. Just based on the fact that this title is... uhh... awkward, I would not start telling all your buddies this info yet.

Speaking of the info, the source reported in to AICN telling them that he had ran into Harrison Ford at a Hollywood fundraiser that was helping to raise money for the DNC. The source, a student, had this to say:

Now for the big news. I asked him about the new Indiana Jones 4 script and he said that he was in the process of reading it. Then out of no where he dropped the biggest bombshell I could possibly imagine.

Ok, so Harrison Ford is in the process of approving the Indy 4 script and he claims that the working title is Opal of the Mer-Man Prince. I am beginning to wonder if Ford decided to have some fun with the students. But maybe not!

To check out the whole report, head over to AICN.

For more movie info, go to the Indiana Jones 4 Movie Page

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