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New X3 Director?

Published June 3, 2005 in Movie Rumors
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Marvel
X-Men Comic Cover The X-Men are waiting.
Now that X-Men 3 has had its heart broken not only by Bryan Singer but Matthew Vaughn too, the new question is who the heck is going to direct this baby. Well, there are some theories that, with a little investigation, are growing rapidly.

Next X-Men 3 Director

According to a report from AICN, who have been using every avenue they have to figure out who the next director will be, have finally come to a conclusion that lies in not one but two names. I am fine with both names mentioned, but do have to say that I am really beginning to miss Bryan Singer. Here is a snippet from their report below:

“Okay. You’ve got that right... it’s down to two names.” I tried out Snyder and Lawrence and got a laugh in response. “Nope. Not even close.”

At least, not until late tonight, when I got the two names confirmed from inside the Pico lot, from a spy I’ll call “Putch Harker,” who tells me that we’ll have an announcement very soon. So either we’ll have X3 directed by John Moore, who did solid, sturdy jobs with both BEHIND ENEMY LINES and FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX, or...

... brace yourselves...

... Brett Ratner.

Now go back and read those clues that everyone gave me at the start of the piece. Makes sense, doesn’t it? What just fell apart? RUSH HOUR 3. Ratner’s definitely considered an A-list filmmaker. And he’s certainly one of ”those” names. Right now, I’d bet he’s the guy who’s going to end up in the chair by the start of the week.

This report from AICN is extremely humorous and extremely long, so I definitely suggest checking out the whole report in full entirety.

For the movie info and other updates, go to the X-Men 3 Movie Page

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Ryan Parsons
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