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Another Adaptation- Decameron

Published June 1, 2005 in Movie News
By Bubba Craner | Image property of Amazon
Decameron Buy The Decameron at Amazon
A student boarding in a house falls in love with the wife of the man of the house, however the man is not all that bright. The student wants to court his wife so he begins an elaborate story of how the world is going to be flooded as told by the stars-the student is studying astrology. To keep everyone safe, the student tells John (the man of the house) to put three bathtubs on top of the roof so that when it floods, they can use the tubs as boats and will be safe...

Boccaccio's Decameron

While John is out collecting three bathtubs, the student proclaims his love for John's wife. While gracing the student with her beauty, another man, a stranger approaches the two and is instantly captivated by her beauty. He begin to serenade her, but the student rushes him along. The next day the serenading man comes back, but the wife has an idea of how to humiliate him so that he would come back. She says that she will give him a kiss through the window but he must close his eyes. She instead, sticks out he butt and he kisses that. Despite the joke, he was more intrigued by how soft and smooth her but was. He left and John came back with the tubs and put them on the roof. The next day while John was out, the serenading man came back, and this time the student wanted to attempt the same trick, but was going to fart in the man's face. What the student didn't realize was that the man was not going to fall for the same trick twice. While he pretended to pucker up with his eyes shut, the student stuck out his butt. He was planted with a hot iron instead of the man's lips and he let out a huge roar. His roar was so loud that the entire town heard it and the three were forced to inform everyone what had happened.

Doesn't this seem like it could make for a quite interesting movie.

Well, how about this one:

Two knights. One marriage. One unfaithful wife. While the knights are best friends, the wife of knight number one (the knights do have names, however I will just refer to them as one and two for simplistic purposes) falls in love with wife number two, and they begin to court each other. Knight number one finds out and he tells his friend (knight 2) to participate in a knights challenge with him. He insists that he ride to his castle a few days before and they can ride to the challenge together. Knight 1 waits outside the gates of his castle with the intentions of ambushing his friend. As his friend approaches he leaps out and runs his sword straight through knight 2. Before he actually dies, knight 1 carves out the heart of knight 2. Knight 1 takes this heart to his chef and tells him to prepare this 'boars' heart better than he has ever prepared anything before. He calls his wife to dinner and serves her the heart. She eats it with much delight. She proclaims that it is the best meal she has ever had. With that, knight 1 informs her of what she just ate, and she condemns him for punishing the wrong person and jumps out of the window.

Again, doesn't fit the mold of a great script.

Well, these stories are just a taste of what you get in Boccaccio's Decameron, which is being adapted onto the silver screen by David Leland. Leland hopes to make aware a new and younger audience to this literature masterpiece by outfitting it with pop music and trendy Italian fashions.

This film is currently in production so the scheduled dates are tentative, however the film is scheduled for an early 2006 release.

The stories above were cultivated by a small group of men and women who attempted to escape the plague by running to the hills. In an attempt to entertain themselves, they told these stories, or rather that was the backdrop of Boccaccio's Decameron.

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Bubba Craner
Sources: Image property of Amazon

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