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Another Star Wars Film On the Way!

Published May 25, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Bioware
Knights of the Old Republic We may have another Star Wars prequel in the works down the road... how about KOTOR?
I have predicted this and now it seems that an email with no name may just get this rumor rolling. It is being hinted that George Lucas, the master of mischief, is already planning to make none other than another Star Wars film! [20th Century Fox arises in applause]

Star Wars Prequel

Lets look at some of the truths to the Star Wars films...
  • Star Wars Revenge of the Sith is a hit and is currently smashing box office records
  • The new Star Wars trilogy proves that Star Wars fans and general moviegoers love to know more about the Star Wars history.
  • Any Star Wars film is a guaranteed cash cow... no matter if it is bad or not.
  • Just about everybody gains [theatres, fans, 20th Century Fox, Lucas, ILM, LucasFilm, Hasbro, other commercial groups] from the release of a Star Wars movie.
So why the hell would 20th Century Fox even think to allow Lucas to stop making [or supporting] these films? Well, it seems that Lucas and 20th Century are ready for another go, but this time we are going even farther back than the new trilogy. We are talking about a Star Wars prequel that occurs long before Episodes I-IX. So, what should we expect now?

First off, I know there are those out there that want to see Star Wars Episodes VII-IX made to conclude the Skywalker series. However, I think even 20th Century Fox is afraid to go near this one. Most of the characters necessary for the films have aged... a lot. How would Lucas try to explain the differences in appearance in his characters, and why Han Solo is only a few years away from a walking stick? The last thing Lucas wants to do is destroy the image that the original characters carried away with them at the end of Return [*cough Revenge] of the Jedi.

So, how can Lucas take a safe approach to creating more Star Wars films? Make a prequel of course! And, while this is not part of any rumor yet, why not use the story laid down in the best-selling game Knights of the Old Republic. Or, to go one better, Lucas can even begin before Knights of the Old Republic with the Mandelorian Wars and end with the Knights of the Old Republic. This game adds amazing elements to the Star Wars story and has one of the best twists I have seen... ever. Are we talking about a new Star Wars trilogy here? I f*@king hope so!

By the way, after searching the web for more info, I realized that MovieHole has a similar report, but they state that Cinescape may be reporting on this same rumor shortly. Yes, as of now, this wonderful story is only a rumor. However, quickly tell every friend you know, and tell them to write into 20th Century Fox saying you completely support this decision by Lucas.

For the time being, go to the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Movie Page for anything Star Wars.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Bioware

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