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New War of the Worlds TV Spot!

Published May 15, 2005 in Movie Trailers
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount
War of the Worlds Wait, wait! Is that what I think it is?
Paramount has just released the 2nd TV spot for the upcoming Spielberg / Cruise movie War of the Worlds! And guess what-- we do get to some alien action in this one.

War of the Worlds TV Trailer

Every time I write about new War of the Worlds stills or trailers I like to thrown in the fact that we still haven't seen anything 'alien.' Well, it looks like Paramount has been listening [wishful thinking] and has recently released a new TV spot for the film. And, unlike the other clips, we do get to see two quick shots of something alien; which, for me, is a refreshing change.

But check all the alien action out for yourself by clicking on the image above or the link below.

Check out the 2nd War of the Worlds TV spot at TheMovieBox.

For the other trailers, clips, movie stills, and synopsis, go to the War of the Worlds Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount

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