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Avi Arad Talks X3, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man

Published May 4, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of 20th Century Fox
Fantastic Four Avi Arad talks ending in Fantastic Four
Avi Arad wants to talk comic book movies. In his latest interview with Joblo, Arad talks details on X-Men 3, Spider-Man 3, and Fantastic Four.

Avi Arad Talks Comic Book Movies

In a recent interview with Joblo, Avi Arad talks some of the major issues concerning each of the three comic book adaptations listed above. While Avi was able to answer some of the questions convincingly, he was still able to dodge others. My favorite part of questioning came with X-Men 3. There have been so many rumors of who is and who isn't coming back for X3 that writing up a cast ensemble would have been risky. Avi Arad finally closes this rumor. Here are some of my favorite questions below:

Obviously, whenever a movie re-shoots its ending, thereís a lot of buzz going on. What assurances can you give fans about FANTASTIC FOUR?

No assurances, other than we believe we have a great movie. I think itís full of emotion, itís big; I think the cast did very well. I think [director] Tim Storyís going to be a superstar. Other than that, I think we have great promotions. We are attached to the ultimate movie as a trailer. And there is a huge legacy, talking about known characters. Iím quite comfortable.

Are you worried about the tight schedule for X3? Can you make it?


Do you worry about shooting for a release date instead of taking the time to develop?

No, itís a crazy business. You go when you go. If you have the right team, youíd be surprised what one can do.

Halle Berry is definitely back now?


Is there anyone whoís not coming back?


What about James Marsden? Is he in it too?


To check out the entire interview, head over to Joblo.

Stay tuned for updates... on all of these highly anticipated comic book adaptations.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox

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