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New Section Coming Soon

Published May 3, 2005 in Inside CanMag.Com
By Ryan Parsons | Image contains Christian Bale and Tom Cruise
Star Database Actor/Actress Fan Pages Coming Soon
Just a couple of new developments from CanMag.Com. I currently have a list that contains about two to three new features to add to CanMag. After reviewing which one I'd like to go forward with, I have begun to work on our latest department- the Star Database.

New Section for CanMag

I just finished the programming for it this week and have added one actor, Sean Bean, to work as my sample so I can polish out the kinks. As of now, each fan page will offer our own actor details [why we like him/her], a partial filmography, all the latest articles on said person, all the latest images [used on CanMag] of the said person, and the person's most memorable moments on film.

I am also considering adding a comments section for users to post to, but that portion is still undeveloped. If I get enough emails from readers, I may consider going forward with it. Other than that, the Star Database is going to be very similar to our Movie Database. Now the trick is inserting enough actors/actresses to give it a good start.

So, if you do have a suggestion on a person you would like to see inserted, contact us.

The Star Database should be up and running some time after mid-May.

Thanks for your continued support.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image contains Christian Bale and Tom Cruise

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