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Lucas Talks More Indiana Jones 4

Published May 3, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of LucasFilm
Indiana Jones Lucas has a finished Indiana Jones 4 script
For all the TIME magazine subscribers out there, expect the next issue to have an interview with George Lucas, as he discusses current and future film projects. One of his biggest projects [besides Star Wars] is Indiana Jones 4. With a script ready to go, Lucas says he had to do one more.

Lucas on Indy 4

TheIndyExperience was able to get their hands on a little snippet from the Lucas / TIMES interview that has George Lucas stating this:

You know, I said three's fine. And then I came up with an idea I thought was brilliant, so I told the other guys [Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford], and they kind of flipped out. It's vaguely in the realm of the supernatural. We have to accept the fact that Indiana Jones is an older man. But it's been hell getting a script out of it. Steven is committed to shooting it next year. I just got the latest script yesterday.

It seems that these comments from Lucas hit the mark with the Indy fans, as it answered all of their possible doubts. Both Lucas and Spielberg are involved, Ford is back as Indiana Jones, and they will still follow a story that has supernatural elements. Obviously, Harrison Ford is a little older, so I don't know if we can expect to see him swinging from bridges. But who knows.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of LucasFilm

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