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Disaster! Trailer and Clips

Published May 2, 2005 in Movie Trailers
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Disaster!
Disaster! They even have a flaming robot.
I was a little bored [waiting to go wine tasting tonight] and came across the movie trailer to the upcoming claymation movie Disaster!. Disaster! is by the same people that gave us Celebrity Deathmatch, so you should already know what to expect.

But, as an added bonus, there are two whole movie clips for Disaster! online too.

Disaster! Trailer and Clips

If you enjoyed Team America, or thought it should have gone one step further [like show puppet nipples], than Disaster! may be right up your alley. The film, while done in claymation, still finds enough ways to be gross, disgusting, pornographic, and just downright cool. To get an understanding for the film, check out the synopsis posted at the Official Disaster! Site.

In this spoof of big-budget disaster films, a killer planetoid threatens the Earth. To combat this threat, the government turns to vulcanoligist Harry Bottoms. He assembles a crack team of disaster specialists consisting of his estranged daughter Sandy Mellons, V.D. Johnson, Hanukah Jonze (the "Nucular Physician") and Donkey Dixon (the Deepcore Driller). Together with a NASA flight crew and a flatulent French astronaut, our heroes face numerous, preposterous complications, including the hazardous gas passed by Bidet and an angry space monkey who dwells on the planetoid.

And, now that you are warmed up, check out the trailer for Disaster! at Joblo. Warning: R-rated material.

Want more? Good! Because I found the clips to be even better. [below]

I greatly enjoyed the clips for Disaster! even more than the trailer. So, if you are ready for more R-rated claymation, go to the Official Site and check out the clips.

I might make a movie page for this one.... stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Disaster!

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