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Goyer Talks Blade Sequel and Nightstalkers Movie

Published April 28, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of New Line Cinema
Blade Trinity Are we gonna have a Nightstalkers sequel?
Even with a lawsuit from Wesley Snipes [a lawsuit that has a complaint like 'I see white people'] targeted at New Line Cinema and Blade Trinity, David Goyer answers questions about rumors of another Blade sequel and the possibility of a Nightstalkers movie.

Goyer Talks Blade/Nightstalker Rumors

In a video interview where David Goyer interviews himself [posted at FilmForce], Goyer tries to answer the rumors about anything to do with Blade but comes up short. Even though he does admit that each scenario is likely [Blade sequel or a Nightstalkers movie], he does not state that it is for sure. The question asked is whether or not the rumors are true or can he possibly dispell them. Here is Goyer's response:

You had to ask that question.... Is there gonna be a Blade IV? Is Blade gonna die? Is Blade gonna turn evil? Is there gonna be a Nightstalkers? Is Blade gonna make a cameo in Nightstalkers? The truth is... any one of those scenarios can happen.

So, we are back where we started; but, at least we see a David Goyer who is still looking to the future with Blade.

For the entire video interview, head over to FilmForce.

For the Blade Trinity trailers, stills, clips, and synopsis, go to the Blade: Trinity Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of New Line Cinema

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