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William Dafoe Talks Being a Bad Guy

Published April 27, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Columbia Pictures
XXX State of the Union Willem Dafoe
MovieHole was able to catch up with Willem Dafoe and discuss his upcoming film XXX: State of the Union. While the early reports for this movie have shouted 'Crap', that doesn't make Dafoe a bad person... at least off film.

Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe is one of those actors who is so easy to fit into the 'bad guy' roles. That creepy look that he gives Parker's aunt while cutting the turkey in Spider-Man was enough to sell Dafoe as a great bad guy. I guess the same would go for Christopher Walken, who gets a ton of the 'bad guy' roles as well. But, we are talking about Willem Dafoe here.

In a recent interview with MovieHole, Dafoe talks about what it takes to be a bad guy and how he applied this to his role in XXX: State of the Union. A sample of the interview can be read below.

Do you have concerns when asked to take on another bad guy in a movie?

Dafoe: A little a bit, until you see what it is, and then it depends on who is offering it to you and how itís offered to you. I had some conversations with Lee Tamahori previously about other projects, so I liked him and I liked how he approached me and how he wanted to work on it.

What was your particular appeal about this character?

Dafoe: Initially it wasnít just about this character. Itís about the w whole idea. I liked the basic premise of the movie. I liked Lee. I do get a kick out of thinking Iím old enough to play the secretary of state. I liked the fact that itís a suit role, but I saw how it might be interesting that Ė although they havenít expressed it really, it might be fun to play around with some of the political stuff that is floating around in this story. And thatís basically Ė not make him a sympathetic character, but to help you understand where he is coming from. Because there is logic to what he does.

But you have to believe that if you are playing bad guy in a movie that you actually not playing a bad guy.

Dafoe: Yeah essentially.

Is that easy?

Dafoe: I think weíre all different Ė but I never stand outside of it. I try to become it. So Iím not saying ďWell if I do this, theyíll think this...Ē Iím thinking more of playing the scenes. Iím saying, ďIf I were this guy, and this was the situation and I kinda know whatís happening story wise Ė how do I feed this, what kind of choices do I want to make to orient myself emotionally to see what happens.

For the trailers, movie stills, clips, and synopsis, go to the XXX: State of the Union Movie Page.
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