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Simpson/Knoxville Dukes of Hazzard Interviews

Published April 21, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Warner Bros
Dukes of Hazzard The Duke family.
Yesterday we posted that LatinoReview was able to sit down with Seann William Scott during a set visit to Dukes of Hazzard. Well, it seems that they were holding yesterday and now how two further interviews from Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxville.

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The first interview came from Johnny Knoxville, who LatinoReview interrupted while he was reading a magazine. Here is a little of what Knoxville had to say:

Johnny Knoxville: Iím just catching up on my reading (Laughs)

What's the best article in the magazine so far?

Johnny Knoxville: Well, apparently, sexy red has the world's largest ass with the world's smallest waist. She's claiming a 23 inch waist. I'm calling bullshit. (Laughs)

Did you have somebody pick that up for you or did you pick it up on the way here?

Johnny Knoxville: No, no, I was just, yeah, I stopped at the liquor store and they had ďBig Black ButtĒ and you can't afford not to buy it.

You just drive through the liquor store?

Johnny Knoxville: No, no, no. There is drive through liquor. I think there's places you can get...


Johnny Knoxville: Yeah, drive through. And they just put a piece of tape on it and then that's considered not an open container. I love Louisiana. It's amazing.

You been drinking any of the moonshine up here?

Johnny Knoxville: No, I'm having some shipped in from Tennessee this week, though. I can' find...

Read the entire Knoxville interview.

Next LatinoReview was able to throw some words with Diasy Duke herself-- Jessica Simpson. Jessica had a lot to talk about, including the rumor about her and Willie Nelson doing a duet. Here is a snippet from the Jessica Simpson interview:

Will you be performing with Willie Nelson or is that a rumor?

Jessica Simpson: That started out as a rumor and something I wanted to do and I didnít know if he wanted to do it but he asked me on-set the other day to sing with him. So, we're trying to find the best song to do, and we'll be recording that.

Did you work together on the theme song?

Jessica Simpson: No. He did that by himself. He doesnít want me on the theme song.

Did you find jumping into acting in films different from the TV show?

Jessica Simpson
: You know I thought it was going to be a lot harder but I think just the atmosphere, the cast, Johnny and Sean, and the director, Jay, and everybody has really made me feel very comfortable. Theyíre crazy anyway, so itís okay if I mess up and itís cool for your first movie to go in completely open to just fall on your face. Thatís the personality that they have and what makes them so good at what they do.

Why did you want this part?

Jessica Simpson: It was important for me to not go so far away from my persona and what people already knew me as and eventually I go there in acting but for my first role I just didnít want it to be too farfetched and I just thought it was an amazing character and I wasnít alive when Dukes of Hazzard was around (on TV), but I did see all the reruns and Iím from the South and the accent sort of came natural and itís something that as an all-American girl I wanted to keep.

Check out the entire Jessica Simpson interview.

For movie stills and synopsis, go to the Dukes of Hazzard Movie Page

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Warner Bros

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