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Coppola Denounces Godfather Game

Published April 9, 2005 in PC Games
By Beth Rodio | Image property of EA Games
The Godfather Video Game ''No! Pappi!
Since the inception of games like Mafia (and its sequel), gamers and Coppola fans alike have been wondering when we would see the most famous mobster of all, The Godfather, at the end of our controllers. So when Electronic Arts announced in early 2005 that they would have their video game version of the Corleone family out for the fourth quarter of this year, we waited anxiously for that eventful day. Now, with Francis Ford Coppola himself denouncing the game, the release seems lackluster.

The Godfather of The Godfather Speaks Out

Despite such authentic touches like voiceovers by Robert Duvall, James Cahn, and the late Marlon Brando, Coppola objects on many levels to the release of the new game, according to GameSpot.

First, Paramount Pictures never asked him "if [he] thought it was a good idea."

Second, Coppola was displeased with the game itself. He objected to the manner in which his characters were played in the game. The people in the game version of The Godfather, whom we know and…well…maybe not love, but at least admire from the movie, appear in the game mostly to "shoot and kill each other."

So why do gamers put up with lesser knock-offs of our favorite movies? Is it the wild success of games like GoldenEye back in the late 1990s? (still one of the best games)? Or is it simply that we are the easy targets the marketers see?

I will probably play The Godfather when it comes out in the fall, like I have so many games with familiar titles. The hope still remains that the game will be as cool as the movie. Knowing, as I now do, that the genius behind making Mario Puzo's novel into such a fantastic movie objects, I doubt it.

Stay tuned for updates. Check out Godfather game screenshots at EA Games

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Beth Rodio
Sources: Image property of EA Games

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