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A New Star Wars RTS Game?

Published January 11, 2005 in PC GAMES
By Ryan Parsons | Images from IESB.Net, article used from
A shot of the page featuring Star Wars: Empire at War
I have attempted to look into this game further and have come up dry, even at the official Lucas Arts website. But, judging by the pictures, it does seem that LucasArts has a new Star Wars RTS game in the works; presumably called Star Wars: Empire at War [at least the British version].

Star Wars: Empire at War RTS GAme

Yes, it does seem to be true... there is a new Star Wars RTS in the works. Well, while I shouldn't be too surprised on this news, considering the popularity of real-time-strategy games and the success of Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth. So, what does this new game entail? Well, the only spot I could find some report at was the very reliable, which points at that British PC Zone will have a small segment on the game in its February issue. This is what the game is about [according to British PC Zone]:

This new PC game is set two years before ANH with a certain amount of cross over from Episode 3. Screen shots look superb. It appears to include ground battles set in dessert and greenland areas with attacking AT-AT's and a new Imperial ground based vehicle called "TIE Crawlers" which I've not seen before (cross between a tank and a TIE Fighter). The action also takes place in space with rebel fleets taking on Star Destroyers (think of the game Homeworld). Unsure when the game will be released as it is in the early phases of development.

Sounds pretty interesting, now lets just hope it doesn't flop like Battlegrounds. However, I doubt this will occur considering that Petroglyph is handling the project [same company that helped create the Command & Conquer series.

Star Wars: EAW Screenshots

The good people over at have recently got their hands on some gameplay shots from Star Wars: Empire at War. Check them out below:

Cinematic from Empire at War, or art rendition
Some RTS action... with Walkers!
Many Star Wars univese units will come under your control. Can't wait to see what space battles are like.

For more stills, movie news, synopsis, and a trailer for Star Wars: ROTS, go to the Star Wars: ROTS Movie Page.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images from IESB.Net, article used from

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