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Best Gaming Hardware of 2004

Published December 30, 2004 in BEST OF
By Ryan Parsons | Image from GameSpot
Has AMD replaced Intel as the king of processing chips?
GameSpot has recently released their Hardware for 2004 awards. The awards cover everything from video cards to console accessories.

GameSpot Picks Best Gaming Gear for 2004

GameSpot has a great article that covers various categories such as video cards, computer systems, console accessories, and hardware design. I was pleased to see my video card, ATI's X800 PRO, in the running for best computer hardware. However, it did lose to the latest chip from AMD.

The Best Computer Hardware category was probably the most significant of all the categories as it states one major fact of 2004; AMD has surpassed Intel on creating the top CPU chip. According to GameSpot, in every benchmark that had done during the year of 2004, AMD Athlon-64 [FX] always faired better than the Intel chips. If you have never heard of the AMD-64 chips, they are mostly marketed for their ability to be 64 bit. By being 64 bit, it should mean that the chip can process more data and access a lot more memory. I remember when the first 64-bit chips came out and many couldn't see a difference. I believe it was the Athlon-64 FX that really showed the advantages of having AMD's latest chip.

I have two computers that I use for internet design, gaming, and applications. One computer has an Intel P4-b chip, while the other has the AMD Athlon-64. While I find that my Intel computer runs slightly faster when running large processes, I noticed that my Athlon has a much quicker response than the Intel. Programs but up quickly, and I can run multiple applications at once with no problem.

However, just like video cards, the users preference on these chips usually comes down to loyalty. People who have been using Intel chips consistently will probably continue to praise Intel [especially their latest LGA systems] while the AMD users will continue to rave about their AMD Athlons. It may have been called the better chip for 2004, you are not going to see a noticeable barrier begin just yet.

To read the entire Best of 2004 article, go to GameSpot
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from GameSpot

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