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Kingdom Hearts II the Single?

Published July 31, 2005 in Gaming
By Beth Rodio | Image from KHinsider
Kingdom Hearts 2 A strange grouping of friends indeed.
Because the first game wasn't horrible enough, the new game will have an official single so we can enjoy Kingdom Hearts II even when we are not playing.

Kingdom Hearts II Re-hires Hit Singer for Theme Song

OK, so I know that people in all walks of life swear by Kingdom Hearts. I'm going to respectfully disagree regarding the quality of the game. First, the game was preposterously easy. To be fair, I became so insanely bored part way through I didn't finish it. A friend assures me it has one of the hardest final bosses ever, but even with that, the game stunk.

Next, the cut scenes were vast and propagandist. They bored me before I even had control of the character. Also, I was concerned by the repeated idea that we had to "restore the world order" and "trust the king." Lest I seem alarmist, I will mention the cut scene where Alice is held captive and the characters want to save her, but Goofy, representing the "dumb" one, says in an incredulous and obviously petulantly childish voice "But we can't interfere!" Add that onto the release date of the game, and we have propaganda.

When I heard they were making a Kingdom Hearts II, I decided not to be surprised (after all, they made a Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigolo sequel), but just accept the media for what it was. But now, according to Gamespot, "Square Enix announced today that bilingual Japanese vocalist Hikaru Utada will sing the Kingdom Hearts II theme song, titled "Passion." For the original Kingdom Hearts released in 2002, Utada sang the theme song "Hikari" in two versions, one in English and one in Japanese.", a website devoted to the game and its upcoming sequel, rumored to come out this winter, posted excitedly about the the Square-Enix Party 2005, which began in Tokyo. So, obviously I am just cynical and this seems not at all lame to most people.

And there will also be a single, for those of you who want to hear the Kingdom Hearts II theme song in your car, on your I pod, or just anywhere.

Do they have no sense of humor, or just a really good one?

Stay tuned for updates.

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Beth Rodio
Sources: Image from KHinsider

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