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It's the G-Phoria Awards!

Published July 29, 2005 in Gaming
By Beth Rodio | Image property of Microsoft
Halo 2 Halo 2 was the big winner at G-Phoria
G-Phoria, the game awards that took place on July 27 and will air August 9 on G4, is finally finding its feet after two years of lack-luster celebrations, which received little attention.

Oh, and those who attended had a really good time, too.

G-Phoria Produces Award-Winning Titles and a Good Party

The reviewers and partygoers have little to say about the games at G-Phoria, but much to say about the open bar. Gamespot reviews G-Phoria: "There was a lot going on offstage anyway. The crowd contained people from all walks of the game industry, as well as demi-celebrities like Jason Mewes and Ron Jeremy. Partygoers could often be overheard comparing notes on their celebrity sightings of the evening (we wondered whether the celebrities were equally as excited about seeing their favorite game industry professionals). Some large contingent of LA scenesters padded out the crowd, eventually creating a jam-packed environment that began to disperse a little after 10pm, but kept going pretty strong till the event winded down about a couple of hours later."

Crave says about G-Phoria, "If you crave superstars, video games and hot chicks then you should know that G-Phoria season is upon us. G4tv's award show celebrates the year's best video games as well as a platform to preview new titles. G-Phoria is more than just a game show. It is a celebration of the music, trends, stars and titles that make up the video game lifestyle."

Well, all laughable comments about the video game lifestyle aside, G-Phoria 3 may mark the industries acceptance by mainstream. Why else would Ron Jeremy be there?

And on to the Games

Gamespot has listed the significant awards of the night prior to the airdate. If you, for some reason, want to be surprised as you view it on August 9, skip this last bit.

Alt Sports Award--NBA Street V3
Best Adaptation--LEGO Star Wars
Best Action Game--God of War
Best Boss--Halo 2 - Scarab Battle
Best Cinematic--God of War
Best Graphics--Half-Life 2
Best Handheld Game--The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Best Innovation--Katamari Damacy
Best Licensed Soundtrack--Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Best Multiplayer Game--Halo 2
Best Original Game--God of War
Best Original Soundtrack--Halo 2
Best Racing Game--Burnout 3: Takedown
Best RPG--Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
Best Shooter--Halo 2
Best Sound Design--Halo 2
Best Traditional Sports Game--Madden NFL 2005
Best Voice Performance - Female--Half-Life 2 - Merle Dandridge
Best Voice Performance - Male--Halo 2 - David Cross
EB Gamers' Choice Award--World of Warcraft
Favorite Character--God of War - Kratos
Game of the Year--Halo 2
Legend Award--Ralph Baer

Stay tuned for updates.

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Beth Rodio
Sources: Image property of Microsoft

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