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Civilization IV Due Out this Year

Published July 28, 2005 in PC Games
By Beth Rodio | Image from GameSpot
Civilization 4 Civilization IV
Sid Meier's Civilization IV will come out in November. A new Civ is always exciting. Civ IV should prove even more so with the developments and changes made to the game.


The official website,, claims that Civilization IV is a "game of remarkable depth, Civilization IV spans the entirety of human history, from the stone age to the space age. At the start you choose the nation you want to lead. At first, your people are primitive stone-age villagersand its your job to guide their development and research technologies to drive their advancement. They begin by discovering more primitive technologies such as sailing, archery, mysticism, and mining; eventually - if they survive - you will lead your people to the modern era and beyond, becoming the greatest ruler in history.

During the game, you will meet other growing civilizations - the United States, Mongolia, Persia, China, India, France - there are 18, each ruled by famous historical figures. Each civilization has its own special military units and strategies - some are fairly peaceful, while others are expansionists and conquerors. You will battle your foes with a huge arsenal of weapons, beginning with primitive archers and warriors, then catapults, knights and frigates, and eventually with modern tanks, submarines, mobile infantry, helicopter gunships, stealth bombers, and nuclear weapons. However, Civilization IV is more than just a great combat game: you can achieve victory through global conquest, diplomatic cunning, cultural or religious alliances, and technological dominance."

Stay tuned for updates.

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Beth Rodio
Sources: Image from GameSpot

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