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Nintendo Revolution Rumors

Published June 30, 2005 in Console Gaming
By Beth Rodio | Larger version of the picture above at Nintendo.Com
Nintendo Revolution Nintendo Revolution
Basically, Nintendo has already made everyone sick of their hush-hush attitude about the Revolution. When they revealed almost nothing at E3 and just referred people to their website, which remains conspicuously blank, everyone became impatient.

As a result of that, the rumors started. And here they are.

Revolution Rumors

Nintendo will reveal nothing about their new console. The rumor-mill reports, according to Gamespot, that "One of the few facts Nintendo has made official about the Revolution this month is that it will ship in 2006. However, that 365-day release window has sparked much speculation.

Since the company divulged so few details at its E3 press conference, the majority opinion was that the console is not very far along in development and will probably launch in Q4 2006. That said, some industry insiders believe it may ship sooner than expected. The latter theory got some additional ammo this week, when what looks like a Revolution teaser poster hit the Web. Written in English, the all-black poster bears the tagline "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX," over the sentences, "A NEW EXPERIENCE IS COMING" and "THE REVOLUTION STARTS MARCH 2006." Underneath is an outline of the Revolution's distinctive front, with the control buttons below the DVD drive's long blue LED--the same blue as the words "BOX" and "REVOLUTION." At the poster's bottom is the official seal of approval, a red-and-white Nintendo logo. While professional looking, the poster does raise a few red flags.

Its design looks eerily reminiscent of the PlayStation 3 teaser posters Sony posted at E3, and its uninspired tagline could be thought up by an ad-agency intern. It's a little obvious, even for Nintendo. But if the poster is legit, then the Revolution will likely ship before the PlayStation 3's "spring 2006" launch, implying a Q2 release. It would also mean that Nintendo could soon stage a surprise demonstration of the power of its fully operational next-gen console, blindsiding skeptics and energizing the faithful. But unless you're a devout Nintendo fan, one image isn't enough to go on, even though such a scenario would further liven up an already exciting 2005."

Stay tuned for updates.

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Beth Rodio
Sources: Larger version of the picture above at Nintendo.Com

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