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Gamefly Delivers

Published June 24, 2005 in Gaming
By Beth Rodio | Image property of Official Site
Gamefly Gamefly
When I joined Netflix in 2003 I thought it was the best idea ever. For less than twenty dollars a month I watched anywhere from ten to twenty movies. If only, thought I, there was a similar site for video games.

Oh, there is.

GameFly Delivers Games

During a discussion with a friend in which I lamented the lack of Netflix-esque video game sites, she told me about Most commonly, a subscriber pays $21.95 a month and in return rents up to two video games at a time. The other options are the $10.95 a month plan that gives you one game at a time, or the $31.95 a month plan that gives you three.

Like Netflix, GameFly pays shipping both ways. There is no late fee because there is no due date for the games. The extra feature on the site is that if you like a video game, you click "buy it" on the website and the charge the used video game price to your card.

The prices are kind of high compared to the movie equivalent websites. Some have complained that the games are not available when they want them. Overall, however, the website is a fantastic idea and is beginning to gain popularity. Check out for more information.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Beth Rodio
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