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The Best Theory to ABC's LOST that You Will Ever Read!

Published March 3, 2005 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of ABC
If you checked out the missed LOST detail yesterday, you maybe can tell that I have recently been taking a closer look at the ABC television show LOST. Well, we had another show last night, one all about the history of Hurley. While I expected Hurley's past to be awesome, I was kind of let down by it... and the whole episode [titled 'Numbers'] in general.

However, we all still know that something is funky, and somewhat mystical, about that island. Well, after seeing Constantine [with its reminder in Catholicism], I got a great new theory about what the island in LOST really is. The best part about the theory, is that it allows anything to happen on the island. Don't be surprised if this is how the series ends. But again, it is just my theory.

What is the Island in LOST?

Lets take a look at some of the facts about this island:
  • It has been continuously repeated by all characters that the island represents a 'second chance.'
  • The island has some giant mystical creature that kills at will. However, this creature confronted Locke and let him live.
  • Ever since Locke lost the ability to walk [for reasons we don't know], he has always dreamed of outback adventure. Upon arrival to this island, Locke is given another chance with renewed mobility.
  • Boone was tested by the island through a hallucination about his stepsister
  • The island plays host to a renegade 'tribe' that has no problem hurting the LOST survivors.
  • A lot of the characters past experiences have been re-structured somewhere on the island.
  • All of the characters can be good people, but most are stubborn and all have some skeletons in their closet.
  • The island showed the ghost of Jack's father. This ghost led the survivors to fresh water and shelter.
  • The show is titled LOST [a fact I will explain later].
  • The show has mentioned faith, luck, and Catholicism more than a few times.
  • These people survived a plane crash. Sayid knows that there survival should have been impossible.

Let us stop the list there and think about all these amazing facts; and lets also throw in the bit about Catholicism. First, there should have been no way that any of the passengers could have survived the plane crash. The plane split in half for Christ sake! And now that they are on the island, why does the island continuously test the characters to prove who they really are? And why is this island always considered a second chance?

LOST The 'Survivors'
Cause it is! The island is a second chance in the most ultimate sense. Not to give away too much too soon, but I will say that all of the 'strange' things that occur on the island can easily be explained with one easy reasoning-- All of the characters in LOST are already dead.

Characters in LOST are Dead

I am not going to dive in to deep on how I could figure they are dead because the next part will explain it all. But, the plane split, crashed, and rolled; something nobody could survive. Remember, the first episode begins with Jack going through the jungle to get back to the plane crash. This means that he was either thrown out of the plane or fell out while it was coming down. His body landed somewhere else on the island, causing him to have to seek out the initial crash.

How could he possibly have survived? How could a cripple walk again? Well, lets take death one step further. There is only a few places you can go after you die. One place is Hell, one place is Heaven. The only other place is where you go if you are given a second chance, known in Catholicism as Purgatory. When you enter Purgatory, you are known to be 'lost in Purgatory.'

LOST Takes Place in Purgatory

Purgatory is the easy solution to what the island of LOST is all about. These people died in a plane crash, but their pasts are so messed up that it is hard to decide if they were to go to Heaven or Hell. Instead, these characters are unknowingly given a second chance on an island setting in Purgatory. For all the skeletons each character has in their closet, it is time for them to make right, or wrong, on their ghosts. When a character dies, or leaves the island, I believe that it is a symbol of them being taken off Purgatory, but leaves the other characters to still decide their fates.

The creature that none have seen [but Locke] is just one of the instruments of pulling people out of Purgatory [by the imagery of 'killing' them]. In order to speed the process, the island puts forward multiple tests to test the underlying character of each remaining 'survivor.'

Purgatory explains why Locke can walk, why Jack saw the ghost of his father, why Sayid and Sawyer heard the whispers of ghosts in the jungle, why there is a giant creature, why they 'survived' the crash, why Catholicism has been brought up, why everyone admits the island is a 'second chance,' and why the show is appropriately titled LOST.

Have suggestions? Contact my email listed below with further LOST info.

Stay tuned for updates.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of ABC

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