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Very Important Lost Detail You May Have Missed!

Published March 2, 2005 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of ABC
LOST Hurley in LOST
First off, I cannot believe how man LOST fans missed this detail. It actually took me an accidental Tivo incident to catch this small, but very interesting, detail on the second run. So, if you did see the episode of LOST last week called 'Lost in Traslation..', did you catch this!

Hurley in Television on LOST

Let me first setup the scene for you to help you remember. When Jin has to go visit the Department of Environment minister, you see him enter the house and begin to talk to the minister/father. Jin tells the father that his boss is 'very displeased', causing a hugh sigh of relief from the minister whose family [daughter and wife] who are also home.

In a gesture of appreciation, the minister runs over to his daughter who is sitting on a couch in front of a television set with her pet dog. At this point, the minister takes the dog from his daughter and gives it as a gift to Jin. During the moment that the minister takes the dog from his daughter, there is a big detail that you may have missed!

If you have the show recorded on tivo or video, go back and check out this scene. Now, when the minister goes to take the dog from his daughter look at the television set that she is watching.

There is an Asian news report [Japanese symbols] about some person who is waving at the camera as he enters the car. Who can it be? Hurley of course! What did this guy do to end up on an Asian news source?

Well it has been rumored that Hurley has the most interesting background of all the characters. Remember, his name really isn't 'Hurley' either. Considering that the previews for tonight's LOST episode show a lot of Hurley, it seems it is time to get a glimpse on just who this guy is.

Stay tuned for updates... and continue to look for the smallest details in LOST.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of ABC

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