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Survivor 13 Recap

Published October 29, 2006 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor 13 Survivor Cook Islands
I guess the networks gave up on the idea of competing with the World Series – yeah Cardinals! ABC had reruns of Grey’s Anatomy and CBS had this recap episode of Survivor.

Survivor Cook Islands Recap

If you have been watching or reading as the season has gone along so far, most of this will be old news to you. But, here we go –

In one “previously unseen” clip Nate said he is excited “not to be the only token brother”. As we know from Survivors past, there is usually one African American guy. His excitement was not long lived though as Sekou was the first survivor voted out. After losing the first challenge, the original Hiki tribe did feel bad as to not representing their race in the best possible way. They were after all a bunch of city kids who couldn’t figure out how to get a canoe launched and paddle out to sea.

At Puka, Yul and Becky formed the “Korean alliance”. In a conversation between Yul and Cao Boi they came to an agreement that all Asian Americans are different. (For more info read episode 1)

Ozzy suggests the original Aitu tribe throw the first immunity challenge to rid themselves of Billy. The tribe is angry at his lack of work ethic. They do lose the challenge and vote out Billy. He goes through the “love at first sight thing” (See episode 2 it’s a hoot). Yul is sent to Exile Island where he finds the immunity idol and removes all evidence it has been discovered. This is followed by scenes of the other “exilees” (Jonathan, Candice and Adam) searching for the idol.

It is drop your buff time as the four tribes merge into Aitu and Raro. Yul tells Becky he has found the immunity idol. Parvati is being cute and flirty for the guys and is hoping to be kept on as she provides ‘great scenery’. Aitu loses the immunity challenge. Candice is sent to Exile Island and Cecelia is voted off the island. (See episode 3)

There is a touching new scene of Raro sitting around their campfire at night with Stephannie singing Amazing Grace. She has a lovely voice and her tribe mates seem most impressed. That didn’t help her for long now did it?

Then there is the incident with the nest and the baby bird. Cao Boi knocks a nest down hoping to get eggs and they find a new hatchling. Jonathan is weepy over the whole thing. They succeed in putting the baby back in the nest.
The Raro guys are slacking off and the girls are not digging JP’s attitude. Ozzy is a major factor in the challenge victory for Aitu. Raro is discussing who should go now. The guys decide it should be Stephannie. The girls, however, decide it is time to get rid of JP. They approach Brad and Nate about it. Brad doesn’t say much, but Nate tells them they are crazy to do that. Stephannie plays JP big time telling him goodbye and what a good time she has had so he won’t be the wiser when they give him the boot. Great acting job Steph – JP was shocked. (See a perfect example of how to Outwit in episode 4)

Part of Raro’s reward win is wine. Nate is looking forward to “getting a fade on”. Stephannie is loaded after only 2 or 3 swigs of wine. The tribe is angry at Cristina for taking over JP’s role as boss. At Aitu Ozzy is trying to get the girls to go out in the boat to help him fish. The guys are getting annoyed the girls aren’t doing much but are eating well. Cao Boi, Ozzy and Jessica (Flica) go exploring and find themselves at the Raro camp. Raro is less than amused. Aitu wins the next immunity challenge and Raro sends Stephannie home. (Episode 5)

Cristina is sad and confronts the rest of the Raro tribe about them not being open with having problems with her. There is good news and bad news for the tribes this week. They will both have to vote off a tribe member. (Please see episode 6 Candice had one of the most valiant efforts in survivor history.) Cao Boi is voted out from Aitu. Cristina is eliminated from Raro. Aitu gets to feast plus are allowed to “kidnap” one Raro member to have through the next reward challenge.
They choose Nate.

Will Nate cause problems within Aitu or gain enough valuable information to go all the way? Will Ozzy’s stock continue to rise and either make him indispensable or a target as being too good a player? Will we have more twists along the way? We’ll be watching as the lucky 13 survivors Outwit- Outplay- Outlast.

Stay tuned for more updates on Survivor 13 after future episodes.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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