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The Bachelor Rome Rundown #4

Published October 27, 2006 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of ABC.
The Bachelor Rome The Bachelor Rome
It’s do or die for our girls, as we will be down to the final four after tonight.

The Bachelor Rome- Rundown #4

There will be two individual dates and one group date. The girls will be required to win the individual dates by answering questions. They will be judged on their honesty and candor. They are asked to pick which of the other girls they think are the most deserving and least sincere. And who is judging you ask? She’s back ….. Erica enters proclaiming “What’s up bitches, I’m back.” That’s what I call a tasteful, socialite greeting. Our lovely ladies are answering the questions in a most predictable way. They all think Lisa is the least sincere. Sadie begins crying and says she hates talking about people. Erica chooses Sadie and Jennifer for the two individual dates.

Sadie receives her date box saying “fly away for a day of pampering”. As it happens our prince is also a pilot. He flies them off to a spa day. Sadie thinks Lorenzo is so hot, cute and smart flying the plane. He lets her take over the wheel. There is the obligatory champagne in the hot tub. While they are having dinner they discuss his reaction to her “saving herself”. She gifts him a Charger t-shirt to inspire him to put her in the final four so he can come to San Diego to meet her parents. Sadie initiates their first kiss. She is rewarded with a rose.

The group date box for Jeannette, Desiree, Agnese and Lisa exclaiming “let the games begin”. They don their togas for their date of chariot races at the Roman aqueducts. There are two chariots with drivers. They have a series of heats until one girl is the winner. Lorenzo says the winner would be granted one wish. Jeannette ultimately wins. When asked what her wish would be she tells him she would like him to enjoy the moment and not be stressed. He thinks it is a cop out – I think she is crazy! Girl you had a chance – he offered you one wish – how about I want to be in the final four or I want YOU. What a lame wish. They are having wine and food at a pool party. Then the tequila shots start. Then it’s in the pool in our togas. Agnese shares with Lorenzo she is jealous of Sadie’s date with him. He asks her if it would be difficult for him to meet her parents since they don’t speak English. She said she would interpret.

Jennifer’s date box reveals “Wishes can come true in Rome”. They are touring Rome at night in a horse drawn carriage followed by dinner on a rooftop overlooking Vatican City. Now that’s a date. Lorenzo asks Jennifer about her parents and how they met. He tells her his parents met at a wedding in Spain. They end the date at Trevi Fountain where Jen tosses in her coins and makes a wish. Lorenzo gives her a rose. They kiss – sounds like a corny movie. Sideline – while their date is going on, back at the villa, Desiree and Lisa are shooting tequila and are running around the grounds topless. They jump in the pool – very princess like behavior.

There is a final time for the girls to make their best pitch to Lorenzo as to why he should give them a rose. There are only two roses left and four girls. Lisa tells Lorenzo it doesn’t bother her he dates the other girls she knows it is part of “the Bachelor process”. Meanwhile the other girls are having a conversation about Lisa saying she is a “Bachelor guru” and has the wrong intent. Desiree gives Lorenzo all the reasons she wants to stay. Jeannette now realizes her wish was lame – duh. Agnese knows all of the girls have some feelings for our prince.

Jennifer and Sadie are already half of the final four. There are two more roses to award. The first rose goes to Lisa. Lorenzo saying this is his toughest decision yet gives the final rose to Agnese. Desiree exclaims, “Damn I’m shocked!” She is crying and feels she would have been great for him and that Lisa and Agnese don’t deserve Lorenzo. Jeannette is also shocked but takes it relatively well.

Next week is Meet the Parents. Lorenzo will visit each of the girl’s hometowns and get to know their families. We have one girl whose parents don’t speak English, one who is a virgin, one on the 5 year plan of dating, marriage and babies and who knows what we’ll learn about the fourth.

Can't wait for next episode. Ciao!

The Bachelor Rome airs Mondays at 9/8c on ABC.

Previous summaries: 1, 2, 3.

Stay tuned for updates.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of ABC.

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