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Survivor 13 Rundown #6

Published October 25, 2006 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor 13- Episode 6 Survivor Challenge
The words white, black and Asian are being used by survivors in anticipation of a pending merge. Being a survivor aficionado you know this is not about race, but about original tribe alliances. In a merge numbers are key.

Survivor Cook Islands Rundown #6

At Raro upon returning from tribal council Cristina is pissed. She had no idea the other tribe members felt she was bossy and was embarrassed and angry to hear it for the first time at council. Adam is railing on her about being so annoying. Brad takes offense at Adam being so disrespectful.

Ozzy and Jonathan have teamed up to fish for the Aitu. Jonathan mans the boat and Ozzy dives to get the fish. He can hold his breath for an amazing amount of time. Jonathan has duly noted Ozzy would be a huge threat as an individual competitor post-merge.

Tree mail arrives notifying the tribes of a reward challenge for a feast – FINALLY FOOD! Cao Boi feels they should be taking the immunity idol to the challenge because it is spiritual. Jonathan and the other Aitu members feel that is rubbing it in the other tribe’s face. They are all so tired of Cao Boi’s quirky crap.

As the tribes arrive at the reward challenge Jeff tells them there is good news and bad news – both tribes will be losing a member. The winners go to tribal council first and vote out one member. They will then be allowed to have their lamb shank, bread and cider feast while listening to their opponent’s tribal council. This provides vital information into the dynamics of their tribe. I smell a merge coming. There will be another surprise revealed at tribal council. Now for the challenge – three members from each tribe are sitting with their legs wrapped around a post. It is the job of two members of the other tribe to get them off the post and drag them across a line. Sort of wrestle mania meets tug of war. Cao Boi sits out to make the tribes even. I don’t ever remember a more physically brutal challenge in the way they were choking, hair pulling, and arm twisting. It took so long to peel Candice from the pole there was no way for Raro to catch up. She was a warrior. Aitu wins the challenge.

At camp Cao Boi tells Yul he had a dream about flying women and credit card applications. Are they eating mushrooms on this island? So the idea he gets from this is they should have “Voodoo” voting to try to smoke out the idol. His theory is if three members vote for Candice and three vote for Jonathan he will have to play the idol to stay in the game. Yul is smiling and nodding because he knows Jonathan does not have the idol. Cao Boi goes on to say either way they will be able to vote off a white tribe member so they won’t have the largest numbers going into a merge.

Cristina is campaigning with her tribe mates to stay. After the last tribal council she knows she is vulnerable. She worked really hard at the reward challenge and is trying to convince them she is an asset. Once again race comes up as the fear of a “white alliance” is mentioned. So both tribes are thinking a merge is imminent.

Cao Boi brings the immunity idol to tribal council. Jeff asks him why. He goes into all the spiritual stuff blah, blah, blah. Cao Boi also shares the strategy of the vote is to flush out the individual immunity idol. That’s what he thinks – the tribe has other ideas as they vote him off the island. Aitu is given their feast in front of Raro. Candice mouths “I love you to Adam” – big mistake to show affection toward a member of the opposing tribe. Jeff asks Raro how it feels to have lost 2/3 of the challenges since they were perceived to be the more physically endowed tribe. Now for the surprise – Aitu is allowed to “kidnap” one Raro member, feed them, and keep them through the next reward challenge. They choose Nate. Aitu listens to Raro’s tribe discussion, but must go back to camp before the votes are read. Cristina – no surprise – is voted out.

What the “kidnap” effect Nate’s fate? Will Jonathan start a campaign to get rid of Ozzy? Will Yul have to reveal he posses the idol? There are 13 survivors remaining who will Outwit – Outplay – Outlast?

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Stay tuned for more updates on Survivor 13 after future episodes.

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J Rodgers
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