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Survivor 13 Rundown #5

Published October 23, 2006 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor 13- Episode 5 Survivor Challenge
After the shocking vote to oust JP last week, the men of Raro have decided to step up and prove their usefulness – and the women are loving it.

Survivor Cook Islands Rundown #5

At Aitu the women are comparing hairy armpits and Cao Boi is resenting their lack of motivation. Tree mail arrives to notify the tribes of the reward challenge.

Since each tribe has 8 remaining members they will be divided into three pairs. Each pair will stand on a platform, strapped together by the legs and with one arm; hold onto a pulley system to which weights will be added. The remaining two tribe members will be adding the 5 pound weights at two minute intervals to the opposing team. The reward will be fishing supplies, spices and wine (what still no food!). The winning tribe will also choose a member of the losing tribe to send to Exile Island.

Aitu’s strategy is to load up Adam and Nate with all the weights at the beginning until they reach their maximum of 30 lbs. These dudes rule when it comes to power strength and determination. The sweat was pouring from them as they held on. Eventually Yul and Jonathan of Aitu were also holding 30 lbs. The rest of the weights were being distributed between the other pairs. Yul and Jonathan were the first to drop their weights. Rebecca and Stephanie of Raro were next, followed by Sundra and Candice of Aitu. The next pair to give out would determine the winner. Studs that they are; Adam and Nate held on while Jessica (Flica) and Ozzy could hold on no longer. Raro wins reward. They choose to send Jonathan back to Exile Island. I’m not quite sure of the logic behind this.

That night Raro “slept like babies” after drinking their wine. Adam arrives at camp with an octopus attached to his ankle. He can not get it off and needs help to free it. Adam is looking better and better all the time - remember Colby? The octopus will provide a great meal. After cutting it up, Cristina is washing parts in the ocean and looses a lot of the meat. She tries to blame Jenny. The tribe has had about enough of her since she is now getting bossy and has been labeled the “new JP”.

Cao Boi, Flica and Ozzy are trying to recruit help to paddle out and explore the next island over to look for more food. No one else wants to go as they don’t want to expend the energy or be away from the rest of the tribe for that amount of time. That’s when alliances are formed and people talk strategy. Yul, Jonathan, Candice and Becky have an alliance. They ask Sundra if she would like to join and go to the final 5. I’m sure Sundra knows final 4 is all that matters, but it is better to align yourself with the majority. As the Aitu expedition begins to explore the other island, where do they show up – Raro camp. And they aren’t happy to have company. Cao Boi begins talking – no lecturing – about Chinese culture and no one can stand it. He then asks for some of their coconuts and spices. Bad game strategy guy.

Jonathan is searching like a mad man for the immunity idol and now correctly assumes it has been found. Since there have only been 4 survivors sent to Exile Island it may not take long to figure out who has the idol.

Now for the immunity challenge; each tribe will assemble three stepping poles and use them to walk in the water to a platform. Once two of the tribe members arrive there the rest are to climb the platform. Everyone will jump in the water and swim to a tower. Upon reaching the tower all of the tribe members must climb up and have all feet either on or above the top deck of the tower. Aitu is the first to assemble their poles. Raro catches up and is first to reach the tower. But this getting everyone on or above the top deck is human Jenga. Ultimately Aitu wins immunity.

It seems that Raro has decided to send Cristina home because no one wants to be told what to do. People you forget she is a cop after all. Stephannie makes a passing comment to Nate that she would sure like some mashed potatoes and gravy and he runs with it. He tells Brad she wants to go – Brad tells Parvati – and so on.

At tribal council Jeff asks them about honesty within the tribe. They speak up about not liking Cristina’s attitude. She says she is completely unaware she is bothering them. So you think Cristina is a goner right? Oh no – they unanimously vote off Stephannie. Never assume.

At tribal council Jeff asks who the leader of the tribe is. JP is sited for trying to be in command. JP did admit he got his butt kicked in the swimming portion of the challenge, but that wasn’t a reason to be voted off. No dude, it is the fact that you have been bossing around the girls and they are sick of you. Not only did all of the female tribe members vote for JP but so did Adam and Brad. So much for the short lived “four guy alliance”. Remember the rats? As JP’s torch was snuffed he mumbled “outwitted me big time”.

Will Jonathan deduce Yul has the idol and destroy his strategy? Will Cristina rethink the way she is playing the game? Will they ever be able to rid themselves of Cao Boi? Will it be time to shake up the tribes again? Who will Outwit – Outplay – Outlast?

Missed old rundowns? Check out 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Stay tuned for more updates on Survivor 13 after future episodes.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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