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The Bachelor Rome Rundown #3

Published October 23, 2006 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of ABC.
The Bachelor Rome The Bachelor Rome
As the group of girls gets smaller and smaller the desperation factor will be rising. To what lengths will one go to become Princess Borghese?

The Bachelor Rome- Rundown #3

There are three date scenarios for tonight’s episode - one group date, a two on one date and one individual date. To win the individual date the girls are taught an aria by an opera instructor and must perform it for the entire group. The winner is not chosen by singing ability but overall performance. Shall we say there are no singers in the bunch? My ears were burning. Jami was chosen the winner and receives the individual date with Lorenzo to the opera.

Lorenzo looks smokin' hot dressed in his opera wear. Jami comes out in a red gown and shades of Pretty Woman our prince presents her with a $2 million necklace and earrings to borrow for the evening. She tells him this is her first opera “so be gentle”. I could just vomit. Lorenzo asks her to get up on stage and perform the aria she learned. They began to dance to a lovely tenor singing just for them. You could tell Lorenzo wasn’t feeling it. He said even though this was the most romantic evening of his life the physical chemistry wasn’t there. He chooses not to give Jami the rose, which means bye-bye. Lorenzo is saying how hurt he is by all of this, but she’s the one crying.

When the date box arrives for the group date for Desiree, Jeanette, Jennifer, Lisa, Gina and Sadie it said they would be riding a tour bus with Lorenzo to Tuscany. Who wouldn’t want to go there – a castle – a little wine tasting – sounds fabulous?

Jeanette is the first to grab Lorenzo for a little alone time. They really seem to have a normal down to earth conversation and get along quite well. Lisa begins complaining about the group dates not being very romantic. This just makes the other girls dislike her more because she had the first individual date with Lorenzo. Since we just had wine it must be time for champagne.

Sadie tells Lorenzo there is something she would like to say to him rather than him hearing from one of the other girls. She springs the “saving herself for marriage” thing on him. He says he respects her so much for that and feels that would make a lot of guys attracted to her. This is 2006 right? Our prince then asks Lisa to take a walk with him and asks if he can kiss her. This is followed by the customary cavorting in the swimming pool. Then we play a little Truth or Dare in the bedroom.

Desiree lets Lorenzo eat a grape from her mouth and Jennifer does a shot from his navel. Must see TV. The next morning Lorenzo asks Jennifer what she likes about kids and teaching. She becomes misty describing how much she loves it. At the end of it all Jeanette gets the rose and Lisa is miffed
The two on one date box arrives for Agnese and Erica. The information states it will be a night on the town with 1 rose 1 stays 1 goes. A bit cutesy. Lorenzo decides perhaps they should stay in and have pizza and wine. He allows the girls to choose something from his closet to wear so they would be more comfortable. They “dine” on the bed. I’m sensing a theme here. Our prince knows he must let one of the girls go in the middle of the date.

Erica tells him that she is so perfect for him and she is so much better than the other girls. She feels since she has money and none of this is new to her that the others may just be intrigued at the idea of the wealth. No self-esteem issues here. Lorenzo tells Agnese he may be a little worried about the language issue, but how impressed he is in the improvement in her English since the show began. He gives Agnese the rose. Hell hath no furry … Erica is crying and arguing with Lorenzo out the limo window. She is sorry HE made such a mistake. As the limo pulls away, Lorenzo and Agnese are kissing on the balcony as fireworks explode in the distance.

Now for the rose ceremony Jeanette and Agnese are already safe. Lorenzo then presents Sadie, Lisa and Jennifer with a rose. Here comes Chris with the obligatory “This is the final rose” like we can’t see one rose left laying there. The last rose is awarded to Desiree who proclaims “never thought a rose would mean this much baby”. Gina is devastated. She really truly thought she had feelings for him – honey that’s what they all say.

I think I see nudity in our future. Until then ciao baby.

The Bachelor Rome airs Mondays at 9/8c on ABC.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of ABC.

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