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Survivor 13 Rundown #4

Published October 9, 2006 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor 13- Ozzy Ozzy- Aitu
Is it a coincidence the opening scene of this week’s episode is rats scurrying all over camp? I think not. It’s a sign of things to come.

Survivor Cook Islands Rundown #4

At Aitu camp Candice returns from Exile Island and is immediately given the third degree on why she thinks she was chosen to be exiled. Her banishment automatically saved her from tribal council. The tribe’s theory is Adam and Parvati (original Raro tribe members) wanted to spare her. Looking like a very bad liar Candice said she hadn’t thought about that.

The girls in Raro are working their butts off around camp and the guys are sitting around lounging. They are feeling invincible since the girls wouldn’t dare get rid of them because of their physical abilities in the challenges. They have formed a “four guy alliance”.

The reward challenge is an obstacle course. Two tribe members are attached by a belt and are pushed and pulled along the course by the rest of the tribe. When they reach the end of the course one member swims out to retrieve a decoder wheel to decipher a message. The reward will be 3 blankets, 2 pillows and 1 hammock (what no food?) plus sending a member from the loosing tribe to Exile Island until the immunity challenge. The tribes are almost neck and neck during most of the challenge. Aitu does reach the beach first and Ozzy takes off swimming to get the decoder wheel. Surprising for a small guy he is a force to be reckoned with. Aitu is able to figure out the phrase first and win the challenge. They choose to send Adam to Exile Island.

Side note: beautiful cinematography of whales swimming past the islands.

Aitu was stoked beating the studs of Raro. Ozzy is fishing like a fiend. He has been feeling pretty vulnerable since he is the only original Aitu member left in the tribe and is trying to position himself as a valuable provider.

Back at Raro, JP is laying back giving orders while the girls wait on him. JP, you should know what happens when someone tries to run the show too early on. And what could be worse than a bunch of pissed off women. Parvati is working Nate to find out if the guys have an alliance. He tells her yes, but that he ‘has her back’ too. Nate is thinking she’s potential “showmance” material. But he also admits to her that JP is the leader but to bide their time and “Let the king sit pretty”. Whatever that means.

Cao Boi climbs a tree to investigate a bird’s nest to see if there are eggs. When he knocks the nest down a new hatchling falls with the nest. The guys are successful in returning the nest and the hatchling to the tree limb. Jonathan was getting teary eyed about the baby bird. This living in the jungle must be way hard - people are emotional wrecks.

Now for the immunity challenge. The tribes must assemble a stretcher puzzle; carry it to the beach where one member will swim out to release a tribe member from shackles on a mast. Then both the members must swim back to shore. One member is placed on the stretcher and carried to an area where the remaining three tribe members must start a fire with flint and burn through a rope to raise their flag. I’m not sure which of this episode’s challenges was more confusing. Raro gets their stretcher together first. JP starts swimming out to the mast, but Ozzy soon catches up and passes him. Ozzy climbs up the mast and instantly releases Candice. They both jump into the water and are back to shore in a flash. Cao Boi gets the fire started right away and is fanning the straw to keep it alive. Jenny cuts her hand pretty badly trying to make a spark. She and Stephannie are not able to get a fire started. Aitu wins immunity.

Stephannie blames herself as the weakest link since she couldn’t get the fire started and says she should be the one to go home. But the girls come to their senses and decide while they have a 5 to 4 advantage if they are ever going to get rid of the guys the time is now. They have had it with JP running the show and decide he is the one they want to go. They approach both Parvati and Brad with the idea. They fear Parvati may choose to vote with the guys.

At tribal council Jeff asks who the leader of the tribe is. JP is sited for trying to be in command. JP did admit he got his butt kicked in the swimming portion of the challenge, but that wasn’t a reason to be voted off. No dude, it is the fact that you have been bossing around the girls and they are sick of you. Not only did all of the female tribe members vote for JP but so did Adam and Brad. So much for the short lived “four guy alliance”. Remember the rats? As JP’s torch was snuffed he mumbled “outwitted me big time”.

Will Ozzy continue to be the MVP for Aitu or will they vote him out as the last ‘original’ member? Will Nate align with the girls in Raro to save himself? Will another survivor be blindsided at tribal council? Stay tuned to see who will Outwit – Outplay – Outlast.

Stay tuned for more updates on Survivor 13 after future episodes.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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