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Survivor 13 Rundown #3

Published October 1, 2006 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor 13- Parvati Parvati Shallow- Raro
If there is anything I have learned about Survivor, it is if you think you have the game figured out you don’t. Four tribes divided by race – right?
Not so much.

Survivor Cook Islands Rundown #3

This week begins with an early morning tree mail. Challenges are not normally held so early in the morning. As the tribes report for what they think will be a reward challenge, Jeff announces “Drop your buffs (bandanas which designate tribes)”. This can only mean one thing – the tribes they are a changin’. The women are instructed to stand on one line and the men on the other. For a moment you think it will be a women against men thing, but not so fast. Jeff brings a bag to the men and asks them to pick a stone out of the bag. Then he does the same for the women. He asks them to open their hands on the count of three. Two of the stones for each were marked with an X. The two men and two women holding these were called out to choose new tribes (Jonathan, Cecelia, Brad and Parvati). The men can only choose men and the women can only choose women. So now you’re thinking four new tribes two of men and two of women – wrong again.

The other caveat for the selection process is you may not choose a member from your own previous tribe. So the “races” will now be thoroughly mixed. That all being said, the selection is completed and you see that one “male tribe” is solely young buff dudes (Brad – former Puka, Nate – former Hiki, Adam – former Raro and JP – former Aitu). Total domination right? Then here comes Jeff with one more little twist. He offers an egg to each of the “captains” and asks them to squeeze the egg as hard as they can. The eggs explode paint. The men and the women each have a blue and a red. So the blue men go with the blue women and form the new Raro tribe – Brad, Parvati, JP, Nate, Stephannie, Adam, Rebecca, Cristina and Jenny. The red men and women become the new Aitu tribe – Jonathan, Cecelia, Becky, Yul, Ozzy, Cao Boi, Candice, Jessica and Sundra.

Everyone “seems” excited about the new tribes. They are all socializing and getting to know one another. The first thing people ask Candice about is the love at first sight with Billy (voted off by Aitu last week). She is both shocked and embarrassed. She confirmed that she did say “We love you” meaning her whole tribe. Not her as an individual. Parvati noticed her new Raro tribe has all the young hunks, so she has decided to employ the flirt tactic to further her game. She isn’t very good at it and is actually quite sickening. In the new Aitu tribe Becky approaches Candice about forming an alliance of four with Yul and Jonathan. Candice agrees this would be a good plan. But when Becky goes to Jonathan with the same plan he wants to include Jessica “Flicka” so they have a group of five. Jessica starts talking about the “vibes” she gets from people and said she really didn’t like the people that were in her tribe before so why would she want an alliance with them now. She is shades of Woodstock 1969.

In another act of what were you thinking Yul tells Becky he found the Immunity Idol on Exile Island -why Yul why? This kind of stuff can come back to bite you in the ***. You can’t trust anyone in this game.

Now it is time for the immunity challenge. The most disappointing part is they have had this exact challenge on a previous Survivor series. The tribes are tethered together each carrying a 15 pound bag. The object is for them to carry the weight around a circle in knee high water chasing the other tribe until they can catch and tackle one member of the opposing tribe. If a tribe member tires and needs to drop out they must give their 15 pounds to another tribe member to carry. The challenge begins. Most of the women tribe members drop out relatively early on. What a bunch of wusses! Rebecca from the Raro tribe lasts the longest which gives her team the advantage since their men aren’t carrying all of the weight. The Raro tribe is subsequently the winner as they tackle Cao Boi. Buff young guys win – no surprise here.

The winning tribe also gets to decide who to send to Exile Island and in doing so will be giving them immunity from tribal council. Raro unanimously chooses Candice. Aitu is trying to second guess why Raro picked Candice.
The jockeying begins in the Aitu tribe as to who should stay and who should go.
At first the majority feel it should be Becky. They don’t trust her and feel she walks around camp like a “princess”. Jonathan and Yul, who have an alliance with Becky, do their best to talk tribe members into voting out Cecelia as a “weak” player. In the end Cecelia is voted out at tribal council. Ozzy is now the
only original Aitu member left in the tribe.

Will the absolute “studliness” of the men on Raro make it impossible for them to loose a physical challenge? Will the tribe members vote along their original “racial” lines or is that no longer relevant? Will Becky share the information Yul is in possession of the Immunity Idol? Stay tuned next week for those answers and whatever surprises are in store as 17 survivors try to Outplay – Outwit – Outlast.

Stay tuned for more updates on Survivor 13 after future episodes.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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