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Survivor 13 Rundown #2

Published September 22, 2006 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor 13- Yul Yul
Since the first season of Survivor, contestants have studied the psychology of the game to improve their chances of winning the million dollars. Apparently, the Aitu tribe does not get the concept of how to play the game. This leads to the wackiness on Survivor Cook Islands Episode 2.

Survivor Cook Islands Rundown #2

After last weeks’ tribal council where Sekou was the first survivor voted off the island Jeff Probst (host and hunk) gave the Hiki tribe (African American) flint to allow them to make fire. Nate was doing his manly best, but in the end the 3 remaining women of the tribe worked together to make fire. Now they could boil drinking water.

The Aitu tribe (Hispanic American) is catching lots of seafood. Cristina, the cop, is sharing her stories of her injuries in the line of duty. Ozzy has rigged a net to trap wild chickens. All seems to be going well – right? So wrong. Lazily lying around doing nothing is Billy. He is “saving his energy”. Dude you just got here. This does not sit well with the tribe since he is eating but not contributing. Remember Sekou from last week?

Jonathan returns to the Raro (Caucasian) tribe from Exile Island. He is greatly disappointed that in the time he has been gone no progress has been made on improving the camp site. An argument between Jonathan and Adam ensues. They are each trying to be the dominant male in the tribe. Jonathan could be digging a hole for himself since the young girls will probably align themselves with Adam.

Yul of the Puka tribe (Asian American) is catching wild chickens under a crate. He and Becky talk secretly about forming an alliance since they are the only members of the tribe of Korean ancestry. Jenny complains of a headache from being in the sun and Cao Boi once again performs his Eastern medicine magic and the pain disappears. He could single-handedly put Tylenol out of business. But what the tribe can’t stand about Cao Boi is his continuous litany of bad racial jokes. The tribe members attempt to get him to stop. They are sick of hearing the jokes themselves and are concerned about what the TV viewers will think. Yet the jokes continue. Look out Cao Boi.

Upon the arrival of tree mail to notify the tribes of a challenge that is both for reward and immunity, Ozzy and JP suggest to their tribe mates on Aitu they should throw the challenge in order to vote off Billy. People, the way to play this game is to go into the merge with the largest tribe possible so you can vote out the people from the smaller tribes. The object is to avoid tribal council at all costs. I think a ten year old would figure this out. Big mistake.

The challenge involves the tribe being tied together through an obstacle course and answering some questions about Captain Cook. The first three tribes to finish will get immunity. The reward of two tarps will go to the first tribe to finish. And the last tribe to finish will go to tribal council and choose one member from the other three tribes to go to Exile Island. Puka and Raro tied for first in the challenge, so both tribes received two tarps. Hiki finished third. And what can I say about Aitu. They threw the challenge – what morons. They selected Yul from Puka to go to Exile Island. While there, he found the immunity idol. This can be used at tribal council at any time up until the final four.

As Aitu prepared for tribal council, Billy approached Cristina about voting off Ozzy because he is trying to run the tribe. Cristina asked CeCe what she thought of the idea. At tribal council Jeff inquired about them possibly throwing the challenge. An argument followed after which Ozzy admitted that is exactly what they had done. Billy begged to stay because he had found “love at first sight” on the island. He is certain he and Candice are destined to be together because they had mouthed “I Love You” to each other. Dude, did you see Adam her “showmance”, get a grip. No surprise - all four of the Aitu members voted Billy off the island.

Next week on Survivor. Will Yul let his tribe mates know he found the immunity idol? Will Aitu throwing the immunity challenge come back to haunt them. Will Puka get so sick of Cao Boi they do the same? Will Candice and Adam’s showmance continue? I can’t wait to watch as some more skilled than others try to Outwit – Outplay – Outlast.

Stay tuned for more updates on Survivor 13 after future episodes.

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J Rodgers
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