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Survivor 13 Rundown #1

Published September 17, 2006 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor 13 The censors had considered blurring these...
If the first episode is any indication, the “twist” for this season of Survivor Cook Islands of dividing the tribes by ethnic backgrounds has been much ado about nothing.

Survivor Cook Islands Rundown #1

The episode begins with all 20 survivors scurrying on a boat to gather as much as they can in 2 minutes to put onto their rafts and paddle to shore. There is fishing equipment, wood, chickens, machetes etc. There are four chickens in total, one for each tribe, but Jonathan from the Raro tribe manages to get 2 chickens. After jumping off into the ocean and climbing onto their rafts each tribe begins to paddle to shore. It is always a thrill to hear Jeff Probst announce “20 tribe members, 39 days, 1 survivor”. I love this show!

The Aitu Tribe (Latino) is comprised of three men and two women. (In physical challenges this can be a huge advantage.) Ozzy is a 25 year old waiter who lives in Venice, CA. He is very fit and immediately climbs a coconut tree to get food. Billy is a 36 year old heavy metal guitarist from New York. He is a bit overweight and I’m not sure what a physical asset he will be. JP a 30 year old professional volleyball player from Long Beach, CA – need I say more about his fitness? Cecilia is a 29 year old technology risk consultant from Oakland, CA. And the final tribe member is Cristina a 35 year old police officer from L.A. She has to be tough.

The Puka Tribe (Asian) also consists of three men and two women. Cao Boi originally from Vietnam is a 42 year old nail salon manager from Virginia. We see him practice Eastern medicine on Brad to rid him of a headache. Brad is a 29 year old fashion director from Santa Monica. Yul lives in San Mateo, CA and is currently a 31 year old management consultant, but is also a graduate of Yale Law. Becky is also an attorney who is 28 and resides in Washington, DC. Jenny is a real estate agent, 36, living in Lake Forest, IL. The members of this tribe all seem to be quite physically fit.

The Hiki Tribe (African American) is comprised of two men and three women. (This usually making the team less competitive in physical challenges.) Rebecca is a make-up artist, 34 who lives in NY. Sundra is a 31 year old actress living in Los Angeles. Since Sundra was a one time NY resident she and Rebecca have bonded. Stephannie is a 35 year old nursing student from Columbia, NC. Nate a 26 year old in retail sales should be an asset in physical challenges. Sekou is a 45 year old Jazz musician from Los Angeles who immediately placed himself in the role of tribe leader, but after trying to make fire for a short time needed “a break”. The tribe took note.

The Raro Tribe (Caucasian) is also comprised of two men and three women. Parvati is a 23 year old boxer/waitress from West Hollywood, CA. Jessica “Flicka” is a performance artist – rollergirl, 27, residing in Chico, CA. She seems to be a little on the ditzy side and opened the
crate where the chickens were being held, therefore releasing them into the tropical jungle.
This did not go over well with the other tribe members. Candice is a 23 year old pre-med student living in Washington, DC. Adam a 28 year old in copier sales from San Diego is already working on a “showmance” (reality show romance) with Candice. Jonathan the 44 year old writer from Los Angeles appears out of place in this young tribe.

After the first three days of the tribes getting to know one another in camp it was time for the first immunity challenge. Each tribe had to assemble a wooden boat which was made in puzzle pieces. After the boat was completed they were to row out and light their torch from a barrel floating in the ocean. They then needed to row back to shore where two members of the tribe were to complete another puzzle which made N S E & W directional indicators on a map. When those were intact parts of the boat made rungs to a ladder which were used climb to the top of the wall and light the flame. The first three tribes to finish would receive immunity. The last tribe would be going to tribal council.

Jeff also had another little twist contained in an envelope to be revealed when the challenge was over. Puka finished first followed by Aitu and Raro. Hiki would be going to tribal council. But first the twist was revealed. The losing team was allowed to choose anyone from the other three tribes to send to Exile Island for two nights. The good news about this is you can search for the individual immunity idol hidden somewhere on the island. The bad news is it is two days you are away from bonding and strategizing with members of your tribe. Let me just say it is also quite miserable there as well. Hiki chose Jonathan from Raro to be exiled for “Karma” from taking 2 chickens from the boat on the first day.

As Hiki returned to camp and began packing for tribal council, Nate and Sekou were forming an alliance and trying to decide which woman they should bring in with them. They thought Stephannie was their best bet because Sundra and Rebecca had already bonded. Ah but it was too late because the women decided they had the numbers to start voting out the men. In tribal council Sekou was the first survivor voted off the island.
There have been no signs of racism thus far. Some of the tribe members have expressed the need to “represent”; while others are concerned about becoming caricatures or stereotypes of their race. But as in every season of survivor sexism, ageism and work ethic play a huge role in how people are accepted, form alliances and subsequently how long they last in their tribe. How far will the survivors go to win the million dollars? Tune in next week when they once again try to Outwit – Outplay – Outlast.

Stay tuned for more updates on Survivor 13 after future episodes.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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