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Seth MacFarlane on Family Guy Movies

Published September 11, 2006 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Family Guy Family Guy
Family Guy’s DVD movie, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story was really three episodes of the show strung together. They even replayed it as the season finale, for which Seth MacFarlane apologizes, pleading exhaustion. But they are looking into the possibility of doing a theatrical feature film of Family Guy.

Seth MacFarlane Talks Family Guy Movie

“There’s been a lot of recent discussion about it,” said MacFarlane. “The trick has been finding a way to do it in conjunction with the series. Keeping the series up to the standards that we want it to stay at and at the same time making a movie the best that it can be. It’s all about scheduling. That’s the only thing that’s held us back.”

Initial story ideas involved a plot similar to the Stewie Griffin DVD. “It was going to be the story of Stewie finding his real father. Obviously that was the DVD movie and it played out very differently in that than it would have in a theatrical release. But yeah, there are a couple others that we’ve talked about. There’s always the temptation to do something lame like Peter has to save the world or what not. We’d like it to be something that story-wise is keeping with the series. So we gotta take some time to figure out what that is.”

That wouldn’t rule out more DVD movies either. “That thing did so well for us that we would like to do more. I think this time around, we would certainly write it as a movie first and then worry about if they eventually want to air it, then worry about how it will be broken up to air on TV. The first movie was always designed to be a movie and three episodes because it was designed to bail us out if we failed. It tells you how the modern state of economics in Hollywood, but fortunately we succeeded so it gives us the luxury to do a movie that’s in fact a movie this time around.”

Instead of focusing on Stewie again or another family member, MacFarlane would like to make a film that involved all the Griffins. “For a movie, we’d love to find a way to have it focus on the family as a whole. It really depends on what story feels like it has enough legs to sustain an hour and a half which is hard.”

With all the Family Guy projects in the works, MacFarlane hasn’t had much time to develop his other ideas. “I’ve been sitting on another animated show idea that I just sort of have been waiting for the right time to bring out without dropping dead of exhaustion. But we’ll see.”

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
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