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Dylan Walsh on Nip Tuck

Published August 23, 2006 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Dylan Walsh Dylan Walsh
Sean and Julia have been through a lot on nip/tuck. Sean had an affair, they found out their son is really Christian’s, they got divorced and now they’re having a baby together. This year, you’ll find out that their baby has a birth defect, so most of their storyline is dealing with that.

Dylan Walsh on Nip/Tuck

“So far it’s all about this baby and they’ve rallied their intimacy so to speak around this baby,” said Dylan Walsh. “What I like that we’re doing, when you have such a history with somebody, supposedly we’ve been married maybe 18 years, 17-18 years, and here we are starting all over again for this baby, for this child that isn’t quite ‘normal.’ And Sean starts off with a great deal of optimism about it and we slowly chip that away, quickly chip that away. I don't know where we’re going. I feel doomed in the near future. I feel it coming, the darkness.”

At the office, Sean and Christian sell their business, so they now have to work under a boss. “I don't think it’s dawned on Sean yet how violating that is. I think that’s something that’s going to develop later. So far, Sean hasn’t been able to react to it. He doesn’t like it. He worked too long and too hard and he’s the one who is the workaholic. He’s the one who’s a perfectionist. He’s the one who really values doing good for people through plastic surgery. To have a boss, I think eventually this season is going to be a big problem.”

Joely Richardson confirmed she will leave the show, presumably temporarily, after this season’s 10th episode. Walsh does not yet know how that will effect things. “If she were to go, I don't know if she would leave completely. I don’t want to speculate about that. She’s here now and it’s great but it’s a good question. One thing I’ll say is that to the show’s credit, we’ve been able to go beyond our own premise whenever we wanted, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. But the show can travel, the show can change and listen, nobody knows who’s coming back when. You never know on any show.”

In the McNamara household, Matt has been the kid with the most significant storylines. Expect Annie to be more proactive this year. “So far she’s had more. She sort of comes and goes. They do, they’ll start a storyline and then they’ll let her go back to school for a while. But she has had more to do. It’s not so much the amount, it’s that what it is is a little meatier now, a little more complicated.”

nip/tuck returns September 5th on FX.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
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