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Kelly Carlson on Nip Tuck

Published August 23, 2006 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of WireImage.
Kelly Carlson Kelly Carlson
At the end of nip/tuck last year, it looked like Kimber wanted nothing more to do with Christian and the gang. Fortunately for actress Kelly Carlson, she remains a regular on the show’s fourth season, finding new ways to torment the plastic surgeons. However, even though her costars and boss Ryan Murphy revealed tons of spoilers, Carlson only knows what’s happening script to script.

Kelly Carlson on Nip/Tuck

“You know more than I do,” she told us. “I’m serious. A lot was just revealed to me that I didn’t know about. Kimber becomes very spiritual. I know it’s going to go down a dark path, but other than that, you guys know 10 times more than I do, seriously. They told me about the ashes in the implants. I think it’s genius. I can never guess what I’m going to do because they come up with stuff that I would never come up with in my head.”

Luckily, other journalists have filled Carlson with revelations. “I’ve heard that I wreak havoc on Christian and that I get revenge in a very, very bad way that I haven’t read or I haven’t gotten. What else? I guess that’s the biggest thing. I’ve heard other storylines that didn’t have to do with me.”

Considering Kimber’s ordeal, she could remain sympathetic no matter how nasty shot, but Carlson doubts it. “This season I kind of question how much you’re going to root for her. Which will be different because there’s an innocence to her but I don't know if that’s going to be there anymore. I think she’ s going to be so jaded from being carved but kind of healing herself and believing she’s seen the light.”

Of course anyone who’s happy on nip/tuck is in for a rude awakening of some sort. “That and she’s just sort of tried to convince herself that [beauty] is not her identity, but when you have lived your whole life with your looks as your identity, you can’t just change overnight. Even if a traumatic experience happened to you, I don't think it could be that quick so I think she’s in such great denial.”

Kimber may be trying to shed her outward shell, but a relic of her porn star past remains in real life: the Kimber sex doll. “I have her in an art storage unit at the moment because I moved and I had to put her somewhere. Actually, I think we’re going to use her in a piece of art with John Baldessari. He’s a huge contemporary artist and my godfather is a big collector of his work. So we may use her in a piece. I would never sell her, I don't think.”

eBay bidders, put your credit cards away. “That’s what scares me. People would be like, ‘God, sell it for a million dollars. There’s some crazy guy out there that will spend it.’ I’m sure, but then things would end up on the internet. Ugh, I don't know.”

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of WireImage.

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