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Zach Braff on Scrubs Season Six

Published August 21, 2006 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Scrubs Scrubs
If you thought Season Five of Scrubs was its funniest ever, you’re not alone. Thanks to all of you, the writers, producers and stars are going for even more outrageous laughs in the upcoming sixth season.

Braff on Scrubs

“It’s going to be crazy,” said Zach Braff. “Last year we got a little wackier and more surreal and we call it stoner humor. We sort of leaned into the turn a little bit. And the fans love it. We had our best ratings ever. So now we’re like, ‘Oh, well if that’s what they want, we’ll really go for that.’”

Elizabeth Banks returns as Dr. Wyatt, JD’s now pregnant love interest. “We just did the first one and I know she’s back for at least five or six episodes this season,” said Braff. Now JD will have commitment issues on top of everything else, “but in a broad comedy running into walls kind of way.”

Season Six could begin as late as January as it did last year, but no earlier than November. The doubling up of new episodes is what gave Scrubs its strongest ratings.

“The funniest thing was that we were our best lead in we’ve ever had. So we’re actually going to be delayed again so we can build up enough episodes to be able to be our own lead in. In TV, it so much has to do with what your lead-in is. A certain percentage of the audience doesn’t change the channel.”

In sadder news, Braff suspects that Season Six will be Scrubs’ last. “I think everyone, you know, Bill’s going to move on and I think I’m going to move on. I think we want to go out on top and not drag it into the ground. I’ll miss it. It’s my family. Bill gave me my big break but I’m going to obviously continue a working relationship with Bill because we’re a great time. We really work well together. So I want to keep doing many things with him. I will miss Scrubs. It’s a lot of fun and it’s been such a fun group of people to work with. But I think you’ve got to start a new chapter after six years. I don’t want to be Screech. Especially now. I don’t want to be selling T-shirts to save my house.”

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
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