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Dominic Purcell on Prison Break

Published August 18, 2006 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Wentworth Miller Dominic Purcell
Dominic Purcell spent much of Prison Break’s first season in solitary confinement. Season two will give him a chance to take charge. “He loosens up a bit,” said Purcell. “Sure, he’s the guy with the plan, he’s the strong guy, the action kind of guy but we get to see different flavors to him. We get to see a lot more charisma. People are going to be fascinated with Lincoln in that wow, this is a different guy, which was great because season one I was playing him in a semi-one dimensional manner. I’m depressed, I’m about to die. This year, I don’t have that. It’s very exciting.”

Purcell Talks Prison Break s2

He got through it because he knew after the hurdle of the breakout, the rest of Lincoln’s storyline was action packed. “I know what happens in the first few years. I know what happens. I’m not telling you though.”

On the lam for Season Two, Lincoln and brother Michael still have to prove Lincoln’s innocence in the murder of the now president’s brother (who is actually still alive). The fact that other ex-cons are going after D.B. Cooper’s five million dollars is irrelevant to them.

“I think Lincoln doesn’t care two ways about the money,” said Purcell. “It’s more about first of all, saving himself, getting away from the chair and then dealing with the damage that he created before incarceration. The relationship with LJ, trying to work out who took out his ex-wife and stuff like that. So there’s a lot of stuff that’s going on in Lincoln’s mind before he can just escape with Michael across the border and that helps the show.”

Filming has moved to Dallas, which provides exciting locations to stage action sequences. “We get to see the scope of where we are, lots of action, planes, trains, car crashes, jumping across buildings and just a lot of interesting, cool stuff,” he said.

Prison Break also welcomes a new addition to the cast. William Fichtner plays an FBI agent on the trail of the convicts. “I’m so happy that William’s involved with the show,” Purcell said. “Obviously, William’s a great actor and he brings a new element to the show, certainly a great energy to the show, an intense energy. It just adds to the story arc of Prison Break. It brings a credibility to the show of course. It’s only beneficial for him to be involved.”

Prison Break returns August 21 on Fox.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
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