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An Arrested Development Movie?

Published August 14, 2006 in Movie News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Arrested Development Arrested Development
Arrested Development just couldn’t seem to hold on in its network slot, and plans to bring it to cable fell through. Though all may seem lost, there is still one way we can see the Bluths again, and that’s if they make a movie. It’s entirely possible, as some of the show’s writers have hinted in interviews. We snuck onto the set of Will Arnett’s new movie, The Brothers Solomon, to ask him what’s really been going on with an AD movie.

Arrested Development Movie

“Yeah, there has been talk of that,” he said. “I don't know exactly where they’re at with that. I talked about it with Mitch and Jason, a little bit with a bunch of people involved with the show, different producers. I’m pretty sure that obviously it rests on Mitch. Any sort of project like that would have to come from him and it would be something that he’d be really passionate about. I guess if the story were right, and by story I mean the money was large enough, then he’d do it.”

Now, Arnett has several movies in the can or in the works. If his film career takes off, would he really want to go back to Gob? “It’s hard to answer a hypothetical question. For a long time, we spent the three years that we were on, we spent almost every week not knowing whether or not we were going to come back on the following week. Living under those circumstances is not the most ideal. For the show, in a certain way, it actually kind of helped us because we felt like the constant underdogs so we always used that fear and anxiety and anger. I know Mitch used some of it to fuel the storylines for the show and we used it sometimes in our performances. And then with the whole thing about going to Showtime, that dragged on for so long. By the end of that process, we all kind of felt like the show was just kind of over. So I doubt very much that the show would ever come back in a TV show format. But it could live in a different life as a film. That is something that everybody has discussed fairly casually.”

With his film career taking off, Arnett doesn’t seem to have spent much time mourning the loss of Gob. Perhaps he’s overcompensating. “To a certain extent I miss Gob. It was a really fun part to play, just his incredible insecurity masked by a massive amount of bravado. But all of that just a total front for somebody who has not been loved. With that it gave me a lot of license as an actor to be awful and simultaneously sweet. We always joked that the writers created these pretty terribly characters. On paper they were pretty awful people and it was always our job to try to make them likeable. So I miss that experience and I do miss Gob, that old rogue.”

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
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