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Nip Tuck Season Four Spoilers

Published August 5, 2006 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Nip/Tuck Nip/Tuck
Boy, the creators of nip/tuck sure were in a generous mood this month. Most returning TV series keep their upcoming plotlines a big secret, but Ryan Murphy and stars Julian McMahon, Dylan Walsh, Joely Richardson and Kelly Carlson were happy to divulge major plot points for the season beginning September 4. Maybe they’re just hoping to convince everyone that all that Carver nonsense is over (Murphy says it is. They’re off in Spain never to be heard from again.)

Season 4 Spoilers for Nip/Tuck

Here are the details. Warning: They are major spoilers, so do not read this if you want to keep it a surprise:

Sean and Julia’s baby, conceived last season, has a birth defect that requires prosthetic makeup on an infant.

Sean expresses issues with giving birth to an abnormal child.

The baby is born in episode three.

Julia will leave her spa to raise the baby, of her own volition.

Due to a personal commitment, Joely Richardson will exit temporarily in episode 10.

Christian will by questioning his sexuality. He’ll try to “butch up” his apartment to no avail.

Kimber will find spirituality, though Kelly Carlson won’t reveal what specific spirituality it is.

The man Matt and Cherry shot in the season finale may not be dead. It was left ambiguous on purpose and will be wrapped up in episode two.

Guest stars this season include Rosie O’Donnell, Larry Hagman, Sanaa Lathan, Catherine Deneuve, Peter Dinklage, Brooke Shields and Kathleen Turner.

Shields plays a psychiatrist helping Christian, who will later come back as a sexual compulsive obsessed with him, while remaining his shrink!

Hagman and Lathan play a married couple.

Turner plays a patient asking for a voice lift, though she only has two scenes in her episode.

Deneuve plays a woman who wants her husband’s cremated ashes put into her breast implants! Like all nip/tuck procedures, it is based on a true life case. The ashes are mixed with oil and saline.

Dinklage will play the McNamara’s night nurse.

Vanessa Redgrave will not have time for an appearance as Julia’s mother in season four.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
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