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Bunny-Palooza Hops Onto Starz

Published July 24, 2006 in Movie Fun
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of AngryAlien.
Bunnies on Office Space Office Space Parody
You will believe bunnies can fly … and play golf … and be “King of the World” as Starz On Demand announces “Bunny-Palooza,” a special opportunity throughout August to view the entire series of the channel’s own highly popular bunny parodies. For the first time ever, Starz On Demand viewers will have the chance to watch all of the 30-second Bunny Theatre re-enactments, including the premiere of the much anticipated Office Space parody, at the same time in the same place: Starz On Demand. “Bunny-Palooza” will feature all of creator Jennifer Shiman’s masterpieces including Superman, Brokeback Mountain, Pulp Fiction, Caddyshack and Titanic.

Angry Alien Bunnies on Starz

Besides watching their favorites, viewers will get the chance to decide which film will be “bunnified” next for release in November. Bunny lovers can text message their choice of Silence of the Lambs, Fight Club, 2001: A Space Odyssey or Gone with the Wind to vote for the November premiere

“The bunnies and I have been debating which film to tackle next, and we finally decided – after sharing a carrot – that we should let the viewers decide,” said Shiman. “’Bunny-Palooza’ on Starz On Demand, lets them catch up on what the bunnies have already done before deciding what they’ll do next.”

The bunny spoofs kicked off in 2004 when Starz commissioned Shiman to create bunny-featured shorts of Freddy vs. Jason, Scream and Texas Chainsaw Massacre as part of its “Hare-Raising Halloween Marathon.” Since then, Starz and Shiman have partnered to develop a new bunny parody premiering each month. Each parody debuts exclusively on Starz On Demand and later on Shiman’s website In all, the 30-second re-enactments have been viewed more than 18 million times.

“’Bunny-Palooza’ is perfect for Starz On Demand because the service is all about giving our subscribers choices, and we’ve seen they choose to watch the bunnies again and again,” said William Hoagland, vice president of on demand services.

For more info, check out Starz.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of AngryAlien.

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