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The Answer to LOST?

Published March 28, 2006 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of ABC
Though I am still extremely proud of my Best 'LOST' Theory You Will Ever Read, I do admit that Season 2 of the hit ABC television series has thrown my theory to the wind... for now.

However, that doesn't mean new theories aren't forming every day.

LOST Theory- Paranormal Being

In one of their recent issues, Entertainment Weekly released their own theory on LOST which they titled 'The Answer to LOST.' In the theory they claim that a paranormal being, created by the Dharma Initiative, is the whole reason behind the mysterious happenings on the island.

The report has been reposted in the CanMag Forums:

1. THE ISLAND: It's Alive!
Our theory of Lost begins with the question posed in the pilot by smack-addled rocker Charlie: ''Guys...where are we?'' Some have argued that the island could be a hallucination ''A Psychological Shipwreck,'' to use the title of an 1879 short story by Lost-linked author Ambrose Bierce. Or an alien twilight zone. It's tempting to go with ''limbo'' an elastic enough idea to corral the show's incredible coincidences and odd details, like a smoke monster and a band of child-swiping Others. But we believe the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 aren't stuck in a mass delusion or a satanic mousetrap. They're alive on the island. A haunted island. And it was made that way by the Dharma Initiative.

What we know about Dharma is incomplete at best, utterly bogus at worst. According to a choppy ''orientation film'' found in the hatch, Dharma founders Gerald and Karen DeGroot established a research facility on the island in the 1970s to conduct experiments in meteorology, zoology, electromagnetism, psychology, and parapsychology a dubious science that believes the brain houses mind-over-matter powers. (Think X-Men, Jedi Knights, and sci-fi author Robert Heinlein, whose 1941 short story Lost Legacy is about kids realizing their psychic potential under the tutelage of COINCIDENCE ALERT! Ambrose Bierce.) Our theory is that intentionally or not, the Dharma team pulled loose psychic powers from one of its test subjects skip to No. 5 for the answer about who that might be with disastrous results. How? With fear. Where? Where else, down in...

That's only two of five cases in the theory! To read the entire theory, plus the conclusion, head over to THE ANSWER TO LOST.

I have recently missed the last few episodes of LOST, something that makes a viewer feel like they have missed an entire season.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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